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Micro Tasking Gamification: LORDLESS Joins TRON Arcade

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TRON Arcade welcomed today the newest title addition that will become part of the growing TRON network and its called LORDLESS.

The existing Ethereum dapp announced that they are going to port over many of their interesting elements to the TRON blockchain.

Made by Three Motivated & Talented Guys

Lordless brought to life by three talented members. EuryChen, co-founder at Video++, Yi Feng, who previously worked at Google and Tencent and Joe, previously Mobile Director at orimuse. The team consists of two advisors, Liang, formal employee Blizzard and Mikko, previously at Alibaba and Taobao.

LORDLESS team is characterized by its previous poast track record of success.

lordless development team
LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game

Gamifying Micro Tasking & Bounties:

The LORDLESS dapp has reached the 5k mark of active users (5,462) and it made it in the Top 10 gaming dapps according to state of the dapps.



Featuring a clean design, LORDLESS gamifies bounty hunting and micro-tasking with win-win mechanics for early and late adopters.

lordless image blockchain game crypto egamers tron arcade
LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game

Aiming to redefine the way profits are split for all participants, LORDLESS engages users within its own product by paying tokens for tasks completion.

What Someone Can do in LORDLESS?

Buildings Lordless crypto game tron arcade egamers
Monuments (Buildings) in LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game

Players are able to gather as many rewards as possible by completing quests, recruiting bounty hunters and sending them on quests, which will pay a number of tokens.

Hosts create quests and publish the requirements of what bounty hunters have to do along with providing the quest rewards.

Taverkeeps, the owners of in-game Tavers have the right to buy and sell a tavern while taking a cut of the rewards.

Bounty hunters complete tasks in various taverns and receive the rewards once finished.

Lordless TRON Blockchain Crypto Game Map Egamers
Taverns in LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game

Earning TRX in LORDLESS:

Earning TRX LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game
Earning TRX in LORDLESS TRON Blockchain Game

Taverns are non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) sold for TRX representing a real-world monument. The more popular one is, the more expensive it can be in LORDLESS world but the ultimate value is determined by both activity and popularity.

When it comes to popularity, there are 4 levels for taverns which can be found below.

SS 2.5% 100 0-99
S 17.5% 700 100-799
A 25.0% 1000 800-1799
B 55.0% 2200 1800-3999

Each task/bounty is related to taverns and the rewards for each task are determined by the following equation:

Reward_tavern = influence_tavern % influence_total * reward_total

The influence number is a factor of popularity, the real-world monument value combined with activity, the status of the tavern in-game.

The tavern’s awards depend on the percentage of influence of the games total sum.

TRON Arcade Expanding

Recently egamers.io became a community partners of Tron Arcade

A dedicated fund of $100M is offered by TRON Foundation to innovative blockchain games that adopt TRON Blockchain through the TRON Arcade division.

A number of well-known crypto games have already integrated TRON Blockchain including the popular breeding crypto collectible game Blockchain Cuties. Moreover, 0xWarriors, TronGoo, Chibi Fighters and Everdragons have joined the TRON family with many more to come!T

Aiming to take crypto gaming mainstream by bringing on board triple-A games, TRON Arcade is accepting applications from game studios and independent developers. Make sure you reach out if you are interested.

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