Multiverse Games List by Enjin Coin






Wavelings is set in an alternate reality where rapid technologic adoption has cured the ills of climate change, energy deficiency, food scarcity,
Cede is an inspiring mix between real-time strategy and action RPG, where your mandate is to transform a neglected world from unhealthy conformities and bring it back from the brink of devastation.
In Min-Mins, you are called on to assemble a corps and capture war crystals from enemy teams.With two playable modes.
War of Ants
War of Ants is a real-time PVP strategy mobile game where you compete with players around the world. Collect crypto-backed units, rare artifacts and wage war against other ant colonies.
Paint My World
Welcome to Paint My World! An epic puzzle 2D platformer game which is aimed at all ages! Each new world offers new challenges and traps, as we keep the game fresh and interesting throughout.
Collect, evolve, and cache digital creatures to become a Cryptonom master.
The Galaxy of Lemuria
The Galaxy of Lemuria is an exciting new innovative RPG experience. Explore the vast universe of Lemuria and discover lost worlds - full of adventure, quests and monsters to fight.
Embark on an interdimensional journey in Minecraft and beyond.MyMetaverse is a cross-platform project that interweaves multiple gaming worlds into a unified Multiverse experience.
Zeal is a 3rd person Action RPG focusing on customizable character builds and competitive PvP/PvE without grinding.
The Six Dragons
The Six Dragons is the first Open World RPG with a huge open-world map full of dungeons. Craft items, and participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy
9Lives Arena
9LA is the first blockchain cross-platform game with focus on 1vs1 PVP gameplay. The game utilizes a cosmetics marketplace rather than selling weapons to the players. Warning: Permadeath enabled.
Forest Knight
Forest Knight is a blockchain and multiverse enabled mobile turn-based strategy game. Players can build their Kingdoms and live by the sword in the fantasy world of Chronville.
War Of Crypta
War of Crypta is a fantasy mobile PVP game with multiple champions and creatures. Fight other players in real time in a well-designed environment with great graphics.
Age Of Rust
Over $2 Million in Rewards. AOR is a 3D Puzzle-adventure game with great graphics and a very interesting gameplay. There is BTC & ENJ hidden around the map.
Alterverse Disruption
Alterverse Disruption is a multi-player, FPS, Deathmatch, team-based CTF, and Treasure looting Game. You can set up your own private servers and much more.
Enjin Craft
Enjincraft is an enjin-powered Minecraft server with blockchain-based assets in the form of ERC1155 tokens. While you can play, this is more like a blueprint server.
Lost Relics
This is a hack n slash RPG powered by the Enjin platform. It's very connected with other games and projects with assets interoperability.
Space Misfits
Space Misfits is a sci-fi MMO game. Fly fighting jets and fight against other players in this real-time, Enjin-based game.
Kingdom Karnage
Kingdom Karnage is an Enjin powered TCG game. Complete various levels, use your cards to overcome your enemies and battle with other players.
Spirit Clash
In Spirit Clash players have a deck of 30 cards. The upcoming Enjin based TCG game takes a different approach than most card games.
Ether Legends
Ether Legends is a ground breaking collectible trading card game utilizing Blockchain technology for its fast, safe and reliable transactions while providing digital content ownership for all players!
Containment Corps
Tower defense multiverse game powered by Enjin. Play with your friends and defend the tower against swamp creatures.
Sheild Of Shalwend
Sheild Of Shalwend is a 3D fighting game. Defend your area and embark into various adventures powered by the Enjin blockchain with NFT loot.
Collect, breed, and trade 3D Cubes each of which has its own traits and personality. Create the ideal environment through pre-made props or by designing your own!
Tron Game Center
TRON Game Center is a collection of mobile games that use TRON and TRC Based tokens. Upcoming games are said to use Enjin's technology.
Helihunter AR
Pick up your rifle and get in the air! Your mission is to protect your partner from zombies by taking them out from your helicopter. Make sure to fly around the building and kill 'em all!
Bitcoin Hodler
It's a casual jumping mobile game with Enjin integration. Play for fun and earn ERC1155 in-game assets while completing various levels.