Multiverse101.com Launching November 24th

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Since our early days here at egamers.io we are firm believers in the Enjin blockchain technology. Their vision of a Gaming Multiverse is something that intrigues us and like others said before: “It’s in the game.”

Of course…we are not the only ones. An ever-growing number of websites and communities are popping up that are devoted to the idea of a Gaming Multiverse. By now multiple blockchains are creating their own versions of universes with interconnected games. And one day…they will all unite.

One of the original websites devoted to The Blockchain Gaming Multiverse is Multiverse101.com.

Many of you know that Andy, the founder, was unable to continue the website due to personal circumstances. However…we didn’t want to see MV101 fade away.

Today we are honored to announce that Multiverse101.com is as of now part of the egamers.io family! Along with some great minds from the blockchain gaming space, in particular, the Enjin community.

The Multiverse Movement, with the new website, along with the Today in the Multiverse news feed, are in very good hands with Meltoid [writer of the acclaimed Meltelbrot series], Teezy [creator of the trusted TokenOasis.com marketplace] and 11010111 [or zero1zero, or Prosign-K, or dahdidah, or -.- ].

The new Multiverse101

We decided to take what the site began and enhance it with some cool new features. With a clear focus still on the Enjin community, we now direct our attention also to all blockchain gaming projects outside the scope of Enjin. We want to be all-inclusive. In this way, we can address more mainstream gamers and bring The Gaming Multiverse to every [blockchain] gamer that is not yet aware of the enormous possibilities The Multiverse offers.

We strive for the total adoption of blockchain technology. We hope to inspire everyone willing to be part of this movement. And one of the best and most fun ways to achieve this is through gaming. 

What will Multiverse101 contain?

  • An RSS aggregator from official game sources and egamers.io

With the aggregator, we make sure that Multiverse101 will always have the latest gaming news from various games – especially from the Enjin side.

  • Featured articles

From time to time we will host unique articles with opinions from great minds in the blockchain gaming space.

  • Knowledge Base [wiki]

We are putting significant efforts into creating a community-driven Knowledge Base/Wiki that everyone can contribute to. We invite, encourage and challenge all to share their knowledge. We want gamers to have a go-to place for their questions and be able to receive proper guidance.

  • Dedicated pages 

For communities that collaborate with us, such as the Multiverse Brotherhood.

  • Specially featured blockchain gaming streamers
  • Tutorials, reviews, interviews, events, giveaways, quests and quizzes
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Not Just Games!

Multiverse 101 is a place for every blockchain game and all gamers. However, we are also not just about gaming.

We support the entire Enjin ecosystem. As a result, not just all the games, but every Enjin-based project will have a home in the new Multiverse101. Innovative projects like Reewardio, Kriptomat, Fox Den Studios, and Sky Vault are present also, to name a few. And there will be more.

Built to explore and wander!

One could say the website as a whole is set up as a visually elegant encyclopedia. In a sense, it is much like The Multiverse. And as a result, we would like you to engage with us and explore this Multiverse with our fabulous smart search bar at hand as your primary weapon. Go wander, wander and discover!

As wherever you end up…you are never truly lost in The Multiverse. Home is everywhere…not just a button back to the beginning.

Along with the website we have the Multiverse Movement Telegram channel, which is available 24/7 to ask your questions straight up and chat with fellow gamers. Our Multiverse guides will lead the way. Also, if you want to catch up quickly on today’s or yesterday’s news, explore the Today in the Multiverse feed.

Although the site is already a comprehensive resource on many aspects of blockchain gaming, please also remember…we are still in Beta. We will appreciate it greatly if you pass along your opinions and constructive feedback to us for further development. This is your Multiverse too. No one owns all. No one knows all. We gather. We share. We are 101.

Multiverse101.com will launch tomorrow, 24 of November afternoon time GMT+2

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