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We are giving away 30 Rare Hanzo Hattori Cards for My Crypto Heroes and 3 Founders Badge.
The top 30 participants who will manage to gather the most points will win one Rare Hanzo Hattori each. The first 3 in terms of points will receive a Founders Badge in addition.
Contest is valid from 3/12/2018 Until 12/12/2018 UTC.
Prizes will be distributed within December.

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Hanzo Hattori is the leader of Iga “Ninja” clan in the Edo era.
He was known as the most famous Ninja in the world because he saved Ieyasu Tokugawa’s life. Later, Ieyasu became the ruler of the Japanese empire during the Edo era.
This rare card comes with high AGI with well-balanced fight elements. This champion is able to compete in any difficult situation during My Crypto Heroes battles.  Hanzo Hattori comes with the passive skill "My Lord". It allows one time per game to greatly restore the HP of the whole team once they get in a crunch. This ability obtained through saving his lord, Ieyasu Tokugawa with the IGA "Ninja" Clan from a desperate situation.

Hanzo Hattori is the leader of Ninja clan. Pic for giveaway contest with and my crypto heroes


Founders Badge is ERC-1155 token distributed among the very first blockchain gamers. There are only 150 available which makes it the world's first and rarest badge specifically for the crypto gaming community.
Owners of the Founders Badge are illegible to join the Founders Badge Group and receive special freebies from times to times and meet fellow crypto gamers.

All the time and passion you invest into this game will turn into real blockchain assets.


Players are able to edit their characters by using the art edit function. Not only that, but champions can also equip unique and powerful items.


My Crypto Heroes offers gaming without ethereum fees by utilizing the Loom network sidechain. No more paying for transactions.


My Crypto Heroes is a role playing game with empire building elements. Players can expand their territory by defeating others and purchasing land.


Players can bond teams to challenge enemies and take part in exciting quests with exciting rewards. In MCH, all of your efforts are rewarded.