Mythereum: The Free-To-Play Blockchain TCG

Mythereum TCG Blockchain Game
Mythereum TCG Blockchain Game

Mythereum is a free-to-play TCG Blockchain game, available in the Bitguild platform with collectible cards working on both ethereum network and sidechain.

Mythereum stands out from the rising amount of blockchain TCG games due to its free to play model and low prices in premium decks.

By taking advantage of the Blockchain fundamentals, players are able to collect unique cards that can be traded afterward for any desired amount in the decentralized marketplace powered by OpenSea. All cards, except the free ones, are ERC-721 tokens which can be stored in your Ethereum (metamask) wallet and access them at any time.

Mythereum starting deck blockchain game
Starting Deck in Mythereum Blockchain Game

How to play Mythereum

As we mentioned above, Mythereum is a free-to-play blockchain game but the real powerful decks must be purchased.

Let’s take a look at the available cards in Mythereum.

  • Survivor Edition Pack: Starter deck of 10 basic cards to play with. Cards included in Survivor Edition deck are not tradeable, thus, you can not list them for sale in any assets exchange.
  • Genesis Edition Pack: For only 0.043 ETH ($5.60 – at the time of writing this article) you can obtain 10 cards that are considered fairly strong and can be freely traded.  
  • Genesis Edition Pack: This pack is the best available in Mythereum. For the price of 0.221ETH ($28.90), you can get 7 powerful cards to empower your deck and get a better chance of winning against opponents. Only 5000 available, most of them are already sold.
Mythereum Blockchain Game Decks

After you have organized your deck in the way you prefer, you can opt-in for a battle.

Battles can be 1VS1, Brawl or 2VS2 with the possibility of choosing maximum allowed waiting time through each move and staking option which provides a gambling feature for the most confident players.

In addition to the features mentioned above, battles can be set private so only the chosen players can join.

Mythereum organizes regular free-to-play and paid contests where players can claim a portion of the ETH pool prize and other rewards.

Stronghold & Mythex Currency

Besides challenging your friends and opponents, Mythereum offers the Stronghold section in which you can craft items, mine Mythex, the in-game currency and steal from other players.

Mythex is used to upgrade and buy cards. You can collect them by playing battles using the XP points earned. 1 Mythex equals to 10 XP points.

Furthermore, through Stronghold section, you can join Alliances and protect each other, mine valuable resources while using the vault service to secure your holdings.

Did we mentioned that you can even raid other players?

Quick Explanation of Game Cards in Mythereum TCG Blockchain Game
Quick Explanation of Game Cards in Mythereum TCG Blockchain Game

Mythereum Conclusion

The game looks solid and the development team is active since February 2018, when the game was first introduced.

It’s the perfect card game for non-blockchain gamers to get started in our fascination cryptocurrency world.

Mythereum offers tons of activities to do rather than battles such as offline mining, alliances, and others. Definitely, you should try this one out and since it’s free-to-play, why not doing it now?

Looking to get some cards? Our friends at Block Decentral are stocking up!

You can find the game contracts at the following addresses:
Card Tokens (CARD)0xc70be5b7c19529ef642d16c10dfe91c58b5c3bf0
Mythex Tokens (MX)0xf6c868c4f2a48949ff9b01e67acd206543352fcd
GameplayPrivate Sidechain Only – Not Yet Accessible to Public

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