N.W.A Founding Member “Arabian Prince” Joins LimeJuice

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LimeJuice Blockchain Games and Dapps continues to expand in the industry after acquiring ownership part of “BlackSalt Coreuption” Franchise by landing Arabian Prince, founding member of the legendary Hip-Hop group N.W.A.

We have said several times through this website that blockchain gaming needs not only great minds and products but influencers with a huge fan base and valuable connections to push further for mainstream adoptions. That is what LimeJuice is trying to do, build a group of world-class influencers.

blacksalt coreuption

Arabian Prince, after leaving N.W.A to follow a solo career, he has worked in various music and technology projects with a high interest in the gaming sector. Recently, he assisted in the design and marketing of the M Classic graphics processor which was highlighted in the E3 Expo this summer and raised over $500,000. In addition, he is working on an e-sports project to create a league with celebrities, athletes and other well-known people around the world. Worth to mention that PROTON Gaming will be also involved in this project.

To begin with, Arabian Prince will be involved in various aspects of the BlackSalt Coreuption development and strategically focus into pushing the game into larger markets and other influencers.

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