The Blockchain game NeoWorld has recently closed a private funding round and raised tens of millions of US dollars from industry leaders such as NEO ECO Fund and former Antpool CTO Hong Sen. The Bfund capital as well as the Field Chain Foundation are some of the notable names that are currently backing Neo World blockchain game.

The company stated that funds will be used to accelerate the development of NeoWorld, User-Generated-Content initiatives, and global expansion and VR versions

NeoWorld is a multiplayer online blockchain game in a 3D virtual environment where players can own land, build businesses or work for others while living a regular, or not so, virtual life. The game has a lot of similarities with the popular game second life and is the first blockchain-powered virtual world game. Until now Neo World has over 50,000 residents from over 50 countries and thousands of daily users. Players can earn income from other players and advertisers by creating from shops to complex business districts. NeoWorld Cash is an Ethereum based currency used for the economy of the game. In addition, the project works with leading blockchain companies like IOST, NEO, EOS, and Ontology to build a multicurrency universe.

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