New Mining Contest by ExoPlanets &  Rya Coin

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The Exoplanets mining contest started on January 27th and it will last for 3 rounds. Players will be able to mine 300 resources in each round.

The player with the most resources mined throughout these rounds will be declared the winner, and will win a 50,000 Rya coins airdrop!

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What is Rya Coin?

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Rya is a stable cryptocurrency, meaning that it’s price is not
fluctuating the way regular cryptocurrencies does. T designed to be a stable medium of exchange. This is achieved by tethering money supply to the price of money in the p2p loan market.

What is ExoPlanets?

Exoplanets mining contest
Exoplanets mining contest

ExoPlanets is a 3D Graphics Exploration Cryptocurrency Game taking part just outside our Galaxy. Where else it could be, right? The game lets you own an ExoPlanet, create and evolve life on it, explore the space and interact with other space citizens. As the game advances you can expand to smaller resource planets across the galaxy.

The Game states on their website that it will introduce an unseen before feature in the crypto games industry, the CryptoMatching™ mechanism. The plan is very straightforward, it matches your planet with a Top 50 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap and this will directly affect your Exoplanet’s performance.

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