New Mode & Updates Coming in Ether Kingdoms

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New Mode & Updates Coming in Ether Kingdoms as the game introduced a new game mode titled the Far Realm located under the Exploring Area! This mode will be the base of all PvP and PvE fights in IMPS. The upcoming skill-based gameplay will exist upon Far Realm mode.

The key to success is managing the resources reasonably by controlling a squad formed from a limited IMPS number.

Additionally, Ether Kingdoms will implement a full-fledged strategic map. In the first version, players will use one IMPS squad to capture and protect elements on the map. These elements provide several bonuses, with some of them offering Mining bonuses.

Moreover, the developers will add Bosses to the Far Realm mode.

ether kingdoms new mode

Ether Kingdoms will release two more updates, an in-game currency (Soft Currency) and the option to craft/disenchant items.

There will be two updates closely connected: additional in-game currency (Soft Currency) and the possibility to craft/disenchant items which will reward players with the Soft Currency.

ether kingdoms helmet

Players can get great items, comparable to Rare and Epic, during crafting. Such items will be of great use in fights, but all of them will have a special rarity — Generic. Disenchanted items of this rarity will bring less SC than usual Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary items.

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