Nyan Cat Beta is Live! The New Racing MEME Game

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The creators of Ether Kingdoms have a new project under development called “Nyan Cat” and beta is ready for everyone to play with a waves wallet!

Nyan Cat is based on the popular meme that took over the internet early this decade. Based on the waves platform, players take place in portfolio races, a concept that many of our community members are familiar from Evedragons. Each cat comes with its own portfolio of 4 different coins.

Gameplay Mechanics

The races are determined based on leading cryptocurrencies performance, for example, your cat might be assigned to Bitcoin and race against other cats assigned to Litecoin, TRON, Ethereum, etc. Each race lasts for 60 seconds and the minimum amount to participate is 1 wave ($1.30 at the moment). Nya Cat ensures the legitimacy of the results using APIs from Binance and Coinmarketcap.

While players need to hope for luck, winners are determined from the level of the cat as well as the rarity – from Regular to Legendary. The more you play, the more experience your cat gains and levels up. Some Nya Cats available in the presale have the ability to change the portfolio in certain percent. For example, an Epic Nya Cat allows you to change the portfolio by 60% at level 1. Epic and Legendary cats come with unique appearance and soundtrack!

nyan cat demo race

Economy & Marketplace

In terms of economy and re-sale price, the higher the level of the cat, the more expensive it will be. For example, an upgraded Rare Nyan Cat of the top-level will cost more than a novice Epic cat. This creates an incentive for players to keep playing and developing their cats. Epic and Legendary Nyan Cats that can be acquired by the presale with 50% discount, are hand-drawn by the game’s developers with a unique soundtrack composed specifically for this cat. There are only 20 Legendary Nyan Cats and the current discounted price is 990 Waves.

Winners and rewards

The winner receives x2.25 of hit entry bet and 5 leaderboard points, the second is awarded x1.5 of the original bet and 4 leaderboard points, if you finish third, you will receive your bet back and 3 leaderboard points. The fourth and fifth place doesn’t receive any waves, but they get 2 and 1 leaderboard points.

nyan cat blockchain game

Nya Cats Presale

All cats have their own portfolio and they come as unique NFT tokens that can be traded on waves DEX. They come in different rarities such as Common, Unusual, Rare, Epic and Legendary. If you plan to play Nya Cats and you have some waves to spend, you will get some added bonuses. Detailed information is available in the whitepaper.

While the game will provide a common cat for free, you can grab the chance to buy a cat with unique traits and appearance for as low as 25$. For deep pockets, Rare cats are available for 52$, Epic for 132$ and Legendary for 1326$. Keep in mind that in the above prices, a 50% discount is applied. Visit the presale page here.

nya cats presale

Leaderboard & Prizes

Every week, Nyan Cat will hold a leaderboard competition with $2,000 in Prizes. A familiar concept from Ether Kingdoms game which was welcomed by the community with great success.

Visit Nyan Cat Website!

Connect with Nyan Cat: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Medium, Facebook

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