Planet Crypto: The World on The Blockchain

The whole world is now available in the new crypto-collectible strategy game Planet Crypto.

Planet Crypto runs on the Ethereum and TRONN Blockchain where you own virtual plots of land. Build your Empire Score by holding land and boost your score by using a Hostile Take-over of someone else’s card. The entire global map has been turned into a 20m sq. grid so players can purchase any part of planet Earth!

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Players are rewarded in ETH proportionally to their rank on the leaderboard but how exactly does this work? Every time that land is purchased in the game a land tax is applied, then the tax is distributed instantly to all players according to their rank position.

To improve your rank position, you have to own more land. Land plots are ERC-721 tokens and they can be found under “Your Cards” option at the bottom of the page.

Play Planet Crypto with an Ethereum Browser such as Chrome with the MetaMask Plugin or the Trust Wallet for mobile.

You can trade Planet Crypto assets using OpenSea.

Planet Crypto Blockchain Game

The Empire Score

All cards in game (land) comes with the Empire Score, so the starting point for the Empire Score is: [NUMBER OF PLOTS] OF LAND * 100 = [EMPIRE SCORE]

Let’s say you buy a new card which contains 10 plots of land, your Empire Score will be 1,000.

Once again, the more points you have, the more your earnings will be.

Hostile Take Overs

Anyone, at any given time, can purchase a card from someone else, but for 200% of the original price! Let’s say you own Acropolis in Greece, and it’s price is 0.27ETH, when someone buys your card, he will have to pay 0.54ETH (double the amount) and you will receive 80% of the trade. The rest 20% goes into the land tax and the games marketing fund.

Moreover, the empire score of the card increases by 150%.

parthenon planet crypto
Parthenon Card in Planet Crypto

Destroy land and Planet Coins

In case you are not happy with your land you can always destroy the card and open up the location for new cards!

`When destroying a card you will receive the cards size in PlanetCoin tokens.

The ratio when purchasing land with PlanetCoins is 1:1, meaning that for each plot of land, 1 PlanetCoin is required, regardless of the real-life value.

Planet Coins Bounty

PlanetCoinns are often given away for those that help promote the game – the BOUNTY program is now open. For full information on how you can earn PlanetCOINS please go to the BitCoin Talk Bounty Page. If you have a popular Blog, Social Media Account or YouTube Channel, please get in touch for more information on how you can earn PlanetCOINS:

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