Ubisoft Launches Rabbids Token ‘Game’ on Ethereum

Rabbid Token Blockchai Game by Ubisoft

  • The biggest game studio Ubisoft has released Rabbids Token ‘game’ on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • All proceeds from Rabbids sales go straight to UNICEF’s Ethereum address.
  • Other players can steal your Rabbids in the blink of an eye.

Ubisoft’s interest in Blockchain gaming is known for a long time, and a few hours ago, on June 17, the first ‘game’ with Ubisoft’s signature “Rabbids Token” went live on Ethereum network.

Rabbids Token appears to be a spin-off from the existing Raving Rabbids title, and till now, there is no gameplay rather collecting POPOs. While many of us would expect a triple-A title to be the first for Ubisoft, this is a significant step to help Ubisoft get feedback and better faciliate the technology before it gets implemented in a bigger title.

Players should keep in mind that 55 Rabbids exist, and the cool-looking rabbit aliens can be “stolen” from other players. The logic behind this is to donate the money to UNICEF rather than use the Ubisoft brand to create buzz and allow players to sell them in secondary marketplaces. Once someone else buys a pre-owned Rabbid, the previous owner won’t receive any money, but a Proof of Plausible Ownership (POPO) certificate, which is used to prove the ownership of a Rabbid, even for a brief time. Note that POPO bounds to the Ethereum wallet, it’s not tradeable, and players can create collections with them as there are five different Rabbid families.

The price of Rabbids varies from 0.05 ($10) ETH to 0.15 ETH ($30), and on July 5, there will be a “full moon” sale with an unknown surprise for the participants. Rabbids Token is developed by Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab Initiative.

Ubisoft recently selected five blockchain projects to support for the Entrepreneurs Lab Initiative, including XAYA, Splinterlands, and Axie Infinity. Moreover, it’s a member of the  Blockchain Game Alliance and a block producer for UOS by Ultra. There is a prototype game in development called “Hashcraft,” In 2018, Ubisoft organized the Blockchain Heroes hackathon with 57 participants.

The French giant has developed and published some of the best titles such as Watch Dogs, Assasins Creed, and Prince of Persia. Currently, more than 16,000 employees work at Ubisoft.

This is an excellent day for blockchain gaming. Ubisoft becomes the first big game studio to release a blockchain-based game. Other companies such as Atari have shown interest but without any game released yet.

Visit Rabbids Token and support UNICEF.