RHOAM #3 Legendary Items Sale Ends in Three Days

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RHOAM is an upcoming blockchain-based game with multiple rewards for those who reach the treasures first. In combination with the RHOVIT, a rewarding platform for content creators, there is a way to earn Rbit tokens through socializing and content creation. Not only that, but users can also earn in-game items for RHOAM.

The third presale has already begun with some limited Genesis Assets that offer a time advantage in the treasure hunt. Right after all 8 presale rounds finish, the only way to get one will be by winning them either from RHOAM and RHOVIT, or through NFT marketplaces.

The Legendary Assets

Ina, the third Champion comes in 100 pieces and a legendary squirrel in all colors in 50 pieces. All purchases will come with a bonus Mega Grenade asset. The RHOAM assets are using the ERC-1155 token standard.

There is a 10% referral program and everyone can sign-up for it.

All RHOAM items come with a 10% referral program. Each asset you refer to that gets purchased with your code earns you 10% of the price. Both ETH and USD are accepted.


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