RHOVIT to Launch The Rbit Shop

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The reward-based content platform RHOVIT released some great news about their integration in the blockchain gaming. Not only the highly anticipated marketplace for digital assets is about to launch later this month but it also comes with some high-quality crypto games already listed in such as Age of Rust and Ether Legends.

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As it is already well-known Rhovit is also developing a blockchain game called RHOAM. More info about the game will come when the shop launches.

About The Marketplace

Rbit shop will be implemented on the RHOVIT platform and will support fungible token items (FTs), non-fungible token items (NFTs) as well as merchandise. Users can purchase items using USD, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. One additional option is that you can use Rbit tokens and claim discounts. Even more, you earn points back for each purchase and you can spend them on content and earn more Rbits as a result.

With this move, RHOVIT aims to develop a suitable place for games to host their presales and for users to sell their items as well. The marketplace is about to release as a “first sale” platform. That means that only creators can sell their items at the beginning. However, in later updates, a second platform for trading assets between users will be available.

How The Marketplace Works.

First of all, you don’t need to connect a wallet in order to pay with BTC or ETH. You can process a payment through the Coinbase Merchant by following the instructions. Therefore, when you purchase a token backed item you have just to enter the address that you want to receive it.

In other words, the marketplace varies in blockchain networks. During the necessary time for the process, you can track it in the “MY GOODS” section on the RHOVIT platform.


RHOVIT is a reward-based content platform featuring articles and videos. Viewers use points in order to unlock content and get rewarded in Rbit tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Creators keep 100% of their points earned and earn Rbits in addition.


Points are a virtual currency worth $0.005 used to unlock content that can not be transferred off RHOVIT. Each week RHOVIT distributes new points to viewers divided accordingly on the amount spent in the previous week. Even more, the more points that users spend to unlock content the more loot they earn and eventually Rbit tokens. You can also purchase points using your credit card.

Join Now The RHOVIT Platform And Earn 50 Points Instantly


The Rbit Token.

Rbit Token is a NEM based cryptocurrency. You can use your Rbits to make purchases in the marketplace or send them to your wallet (must be a NEM Nano Wallet). Users can earn Rbit tokens in two ways:

  • Collecting loot by unlocking the content.
  • Watching Adds (Limited 2 Adds per day).

In other words, Rbit is a cryptocurrency that you can trade for other Crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the other hand, you can use your Points only inside the platform. At the time writing Rbit is not available on any exchange yet.

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