Sharing The Same Vision: EverythingEnjin.Co & eGamers.io

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Hi there Crypto Gamers!

We are in a pleasant position to announce that eGamers.io and EverythingEnjin.co will work together to help the adoption of Crypto Gaming and help gamers worldwide understand the blockchain technology.

EverythingEnjin.co and eGamers.io share the same passion for gaming and we have a lot in common as we aim to serve and support the Blockchain Gaming community. We are committed to exploring any ways possible to collaborate with both of our communities and spread our passion to nonblockchainers and gamers.

The most innovative gaming blockchain, the Enjin Coin supports eGamers.io since our early days and EverythingEnjin.co is a frontier in spreading the word for the Gaming Multiverse and Enjin’s Ecosystem. Growing in exponential rates, our shared interest only allows us to help in the adoption stage and showcase to the world the endless use cases possible using blockchain technology.

We would like to thank Meltoid, the author of the “Meltelbrot Series”, an Enjin Focused collection of articles and interviews that exists in multiple websites and represents the true values of the Gaming Multiverse.

Find the Meltelbrot Articles on EverythingEnjin.co

Find the Meltelbrot Articles on eGamers.io

About EverythingEnjin.co

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Everything Enjin is a community website & social hub that brings together everything about Enjin and its games within the Multiverse. Loaded with news, reviews, games, giveaways and more. We endeavor to make the gaming blockchain become adopted throughout numerous games allowing players to have real asset ownership of their items and characters. As the Enjin backed games are being released we will be adding wikisfor people to delve into and streaming them live too.

About eGamers.io

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One of the first blockchain gaming communities, eGamers.io publishes news about popular crypto games and various interesting articles including reviews, presentations, and interview around the blockchain gaming industry. You are welcomed to join our community and explore the eGamers.io website.

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