Silica Nexus Continues Development Progress Across All Fields

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September has been another great month for Silica Nexus as the development progress continues, bringing the Cross-Reality platform a step closer to the blockchain community and specifically, the blockchain gamers.

This month, Silica Nexus announced a partnership with Dissolution, a triple-A Enjin & Multiverse game, already available on Steam in alpha version. In addition to this, Silica Nexus also brought aboard Ether Legends and Crypto Oink, with Mythereum following right after.

All the above games will be part of the Silica Nexus marketplace and players across the world will be able to win in-game items by playing with real arcade machines in physical locations across the world. A clever plan to bring players onboard, forget teddy-bears, the new era is here.

Silica Nexus will be at the Blockchain Atlanta Conference, if you happen to be in the area, make sure you reach out to them!

First arcade machine to be implemented

The first real-life kiosk is going to be placed by the end of October as beta where developers will measure interaction and finalize the product before it’s launched at full scale across multiple locations. The developers stated that they won’t release it until they are confident that it’s secured.

This will be the first time we are going to see an arcade machine that players can actually win non-fungible tokens instead of physical prizes. Gamers worldwide will be able to exchange coupons for in-game assets and claim them into their Silica Nexus application.

Download the Alpha Software

The Silica neXus Trade Binder is available through Google Play in alpha stage. The application, for now, has some basic features with tons of additions to come in the near future. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

IEO ends this month!

The last day of September is the day that Silica Nexus IEO is going to end. After the extension of it, which was announced last month, they managed to raise 4,580 ETH in order to fund Silica Nexus and to bring a universe of connected games and devices to your screen and VR Headset.

New Video Out

Two new reviews were released from Youtubers regarding Silica Nexus. Fell free to check them out and get a complete opinion about the project.

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