Silica Nexus Partners With MyThereum TCG Game

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The upcoming XR (Cross-Reality) Project Silica Nexus, which is currently holding their DROID token IEO on LAToken added MyThereum TCG game in their ecosystem as the third addition after Crypt-Oink and Ether Legends.

Silica Nexus is known for their Player Acquisition Model as well as the marketplace which is expected to launch in beta stage soon. The details of the partnership haven’t yet been announced but we know that marketplace users will have the possibility to trade and acquire Mythereum NFTs and people around the world will be able to win in-game assets, instead of physical prizes, through real-life arcade machines and theme parks.

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The Player Acquisition Model by Silica Nexus

Its no secret that games spend millions to attract and retain gamers, Silica Nexus through the PAE (Player Acquisition Mechanism) aims to deliver new players to every game in their ecosystem with on-going NFT prizes through real-life arcade machines.

Think about it, the world is digitally-evolving, a physical teddy bear is a perfect prize for a 3 years old kid, he will play with it for a whole day and then it will remain in the closet for years until it’s gifted to someone else. But what about a modern kid, old enough to play video games? Will that teadybear interest him at all? No way! Users around the world will have the opportunity to win non-fungible tokens (in-game assets) from multiple games. True item ownership, they keep it, they play the game with it, they sell it! We are soon to experience a next-level real-life rewarding system with digital assets.

Watch the video below to understand how PAE Mechanism will work in Silica Nexus.

About Mythereum

Mythereum TCG Blockchain Game

Mythereum is one of the oldest TCG games on the blockchain and everyone who sign-up with their Discord account can receive a free deck to begin playing with. Use the in-game currency Mythex, an ERC20 Token that can be used to upgrade cards and much more! Mythereum is hosts periodical tournaments, both free-to-join, and pay-to-join with ETH prizes for the winners. Build your deck, select your cards accordingly to your needs and rule the arena. It is worth to mention that cards are balanced in such a way that a well-composed deck of free or inexpensive cards is enough to win an opponent with expensive cards. All you need is the perfect strategy and a balanced deck, always depending on the situation. Read more about Mythereum in our presentation.

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