Silica Nexus Places The First Arcade Machine

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Silica Nexus made a big step forward earlier this month and placed the first Kiosk. Customers can now exchange prize tickets for in-game items.

The first arcade machine was placed at FunFuzion, twenty miles away from Times Square. Due to Corona Virus infection, the store is closed down, but once the outbreak ends and you near, make sure to pay a visit and try it.

The kiosk allows users to exchange prize tickets for in-game items and non-fungible tokens from the partnered games.

New Partnerships

Splinterlands, the well-known Steem game along with Crypto Skulls, joined the Silica Nexus ecosystem. Both games will provide in-game assets to the vending machine, and local store players can exchange their tickets for them.

About Silica Nexus

The upcoming Cross-Reality project will use the PAaas (Player Acquisition as a Service) mechanism to drive new players into games who win in-game items using Arcade machines!

Citizens from all around the world who visit arcade stores can exchange winning tickets for non-fungible tokens instead of physical prizes such as toys and teddy-bears. 

The Cross Reality project aims to connect games and devices through a single universe of interconnection. There will be arcade machines where players can put their skills to work and claim incredible in-game assets instead of physical prizes. 

Silica Nexus through the PAE mechanism aims to provide games with a reliable players acquisition model where they won’t have to spend a fortune to attract and maintain new users. As ambitious as it sounds, we are waiting for the first alpha version of the marketplace. The full potential of Silica Nexus won’t be around before the end of 2020, so keep an eye out for further news and more articles explaining this innovative project.

Silica Nexus develops a marketplace where users will be able to buy and sell in-game items from multiple partnered games. Space Misfits will be one of them, and the transactions will take place using the DROID token.

Which Games Are in Silica Nexus Ecosystem?

There are a few games already signed up for Silica Nexus, and the company continues to add new ones all the time. Space Misfits is the second Multiverse Game to join along with Dissolution. Also, Reality Clash  Chain Guardians, the TCGs MythereumEther Legends, and the Japanese Pig racing game Crypt-Oink, CryptoSkulls, OPSkinis, and Splinterlands have already joined.

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