Silica Nexus: Player Acquisition And The Marketplace

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An ambitious gaming project that aims to connect games, devices and unite the gaming industry is under development by Convergence.

The Silica Nexus project aims to become the first Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) with plans to combine the game market with arcade machines and entertainment in the real world. Does this concept sound familiar to you? Ready Player One is the movie to watch if you haven’t already.

The concept of Silica Nexus, as complex as it might sound, is basically straightforward, get players on board through a number of ways, let them win NFTs by using Silica Nexus entertainment services, both digital and RL (Arcades, VR app, etc) and try the game. Eventually, players will join the Nexus because of what they can do in it and stay because of who they can be. Sounds like a story from 2050? We are not that far away from this.

Watch an interview with Andrew Prell, Founder, and CEO of Convergence.

Under-developed by a team of veterans in the gaming industry (and not only), Silica Nexus has created a Player-Acquisition-Engine (PAE) which is going to use three main elements.

  • The Prize neXus
  • The neXus Trade Binder App
  • The online neXus Marketplace

Let’s take a quick look at what these elements are all about.

The Prize neXus will offer NFT prizes instead of the traditional toys when people use with arcade machines within stores in Real Life. An interesting aspect which prompts players to play a blockchain game, rather than taking a cute doll back home to remember that day. Imagine winning in an arcade machine and instead of tickets or a toy-gun, you will get a vehicle in War Riders to experience the Wastelands, or a Gods Unchained card to expand your collection. The prize is sent to the neXus Trade Binder App.

2. The neXus Trade Binder App works as an inventory and a trading app. Users will be able to trade assets they won with their friends, anytime, in any place.

3. The online neXus Marketplace which is coming this August in beta is going to allow players to buy, trade and sell NFTs using any of the supported devices. The marketplace will use DROID token, Silica Nexus native ERC-20 currency which you can grab by participating in the IEO on LATOKEN. The neXus Marketplace is the first step in Silica Nexus, users will be able to sell their NFTs whether they are in-game assets or art. In time, it will support multiple blockchains and besides the already existing games, we gonna see items in it from games developed under the Silica Nexus umbrella.

A great explanatory video about the Player Acquisition Engine of Silica Nexus

Silica Nexus through the PAE mechanism aims to provide games with a reliable players acquisition model where they won’t have to spend a fortune to attract and maintain new users. As ambitious as it sounds, we are waiting for the first alpha version of the marketplace. The full potential of Silica Nexus won’t be around before the end of 2020 so keep an eye out for further news and more articles explaining this innovative project.

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