Skullys – Pirate Adventures With Geo Location

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Avast! Time to let your digital collectibles walk the plank and get a $50 Skully.

It’s time for Skullys to shine! Arrrggghhh!! Pin your geo-location, swap NFTs for Skullys and join the pirate crew!

Skullys is a reward-based collectible Dapp game on the Ethereum network where players can pin their location and mine PO8 Coins. The game features unique ghost-style pirate skulls which you can get for free by swapping an existing NFT or buy one (or more) from the in-game marketplace as well as Opensea.

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The game uses a location-based service (LBS) game which allows gamers to pin their current location (use mobile with dapp browser or a laptop) and earn PO8 Loot. Trade them in DOBI exchange for ETH/BTC or use them to purchase special skills and boosters in order to increase PO8 earnings.

About Skullys

Skullys are ERC-721 tokens issued on the Ethereum Blockchain. While they are ERC-721 assets, they are tied into ERC-1155 Smart Contracts which make your Skullys accessible using any NFT wallet such as Metamask. Each Skully is a unique digital asset and you can either use them in-game or sell them.

About Geo-Flagging in Skullys

Forget facebook “check-ins”, your friends don’t care where are you. But Skullys do! Whether you are enjoying a family meal at a restaurant or watching your favorite sports club, pin your location using Skullys and get rewarded! You are allowed to pin your pirate flag up to 3 times a day with outside an 800meters radium. The more you pin, the higher your Skullys climb the ranking ladder, unlocking a variety of opportunities and bonuses.]

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How to get Skullys & 50$ in PO8 For Free?

Sounds tempting right? Join the pirate club and swap a digital collectible (NFT) you don’t need any more for a brand new Skully and 50$ in PO8!

All you have to do is visit the marketplace, find the Skully you like and click the swap button. That’s it! Then you will have to select the game that you are willing to swap, the token ID and confirm the transaction to receive your brand new Skully!

Below you can watch an explanatory video on how to swap your old NFTs for Skullys.

“Owning over a dozen different ERC721 digital collectibles, I quickly lost interest in all of them and paid no mind to them, for the lack of creativity and worthlessness they represent. So, we came up with the Walking the Plank idea, which holds true to our pirate DNA and brings back some excitement and zest to the collectibles space.  We need to shake things up and get people excited once again in not only collecting, but also introduce more peer-to-peer entertainment and the chance to earn crypto rewards.”

Frank Yglesias, aka “Calico Jack” – Skullys Co-Founder

Pieces of Eight

PO8 the native currency of Skullys, It’s an acronym for Pieces of Eight, a silver coin made by the Spanish Empire that was worth Eight Spanish Reales. Pieces of Eight is well known around the world and associated with pirates in movies and novels.

But that’s not all, PO8 is not another in-game token! It’s a whole blockchain ecosystem that aims to make marine archaeology and treasure hunting more inclusive and decentralized. Skullys is the first gamified use-case of PO8 which will challenge people to participate in hunting and exploring expeditions. To learn more, visit the official PO8 website.

What’s Next Captain?

Skullys can be implemented in various games, and the team is looking forward to this! Currently, the developers are beta testing a new Accept, Relinquish, Reward model (ARR) which will allow Skully owners to use their PO8 tokens to purchase flags of points of interest around the world.

As an example, players could raise the flag in world-famous places such as the Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, The Times Square, and the Burj Khalifa and benefit from it, until another pirate declares a conquer war!

In the near future, we expect Skullys to release an application for Android and iOS.

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