SnailTrails & eGamers.io Event With 10,000 TRX Prizes & Giveaway

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Snailtrails & eGamers.io Event With 10,000 TRX Prizes starts today and ends on September 15th.

To begin with, every player that attends the event will get a free snail to start playing right away. To claim your free snail (100-300 TRX worth), login to SnailTrails, create a farm and then send your TRON Address to SnailTrails admin on telegram.

During the event, extra TRX will be added into the prize pool of a lot of races. In total, the eGamers & SnailTrail event offers 10,000 TRX to claim through racing your snails!

Additionally, in the game, you will find more races to compete for extra TRX rewards and free snails.

  • Every day the Snail that enters the most races in 24 hour period GMT time wins 50 TRX.
  • The First snails to reach grade 2 have the chance to race for 1000 TRX.
  • Top 3 Snails that enters most races by midnight 15th September will win even more rewards, as follow:
  • 1st 1500trx
  • 2nd 1000trx
  • 3rd 500TRX
  • 2 Free Snails each.

To participate in the Snailtrails & eGamers.io Event, you will need TronLink installed and some TRX to begin playing.

About Snailtrails

Meet Snailtrails, a snail racing game on the TRON blockchain. Players can buy, sell, breed and race snails as well as bet on the outcome of races every day. While racing, you compete with other players to the finish line in order to earn TRX. Each race contains an entry fee that goes back to the three first players.

Snailtrail racing crypto game on the TRON blockchain. Compete other players to the finish line for TRX rewards.

To start collecting and training snails you need to create a farm first. In the farm, you can feed, train & breed snails to keep them in shape. Furthermore, through the farm, players can sell their snails and earn an extra profit in the real world.

If you have any questions, join our telegram community or SnailTrails community.

Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
Kostas is a founding member of egamers and he watches closely the blockchain gaming industry since early 2018. He likes to write quality content for blockchain games, decentralized projects, and expand his knowledge around Marketing.

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