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0xGames to Integrate WAX Blockchain

0xGames announced the integration of WAX blockchain in both 0xWarriors and 0xRacers. This comes in addition to the already supported Etheruem, Tron,...
QA with NEO and Arkane Network

Q&A With NEO and Arkane Network

NEO and Arkane Network announced a partnership the past week and it's time to dive deeper and get all the information. I...

Inside 0xGames : An Interview With Alex Fedd

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to talk with Alex Fedd from 0xGames and discuss around their existing and...
arkane network 0xGames

Arkane Network Partners with 0xGames to Make User-Friendly Games

The Arkane Network teamed up with 0xGames to offer better user experience and ease of use. This move makes it easier for...

0xWarriors Tron Presale is Now Live

After the successful item pre-sale on November 2018, the Tron Presale is now live with a mind-blowing 50% discount on ALL chests.