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TronGoo The redesigned version of EtherGoo now available on the Tron Blockchain and officially part of TRON Arcade

TronGoo is Live & Officialy a Member of Tron Arcade

Ethergoo was the first competitive idle game on the Ethereum blockchain and it was great! In fact, it was so good that...
0xWarriors blockchain game joins Tron Arcade Fund

0xWarriors Joins TRON Arcade

The RPG crypto game 0xWarriors has joined the TRON Arcade game fund, a TRON project for game developers with $100M allocated for...

Everdragons Launces on TRON & Hosts Pre-Sale

The TRON pre-sale for Everdragons is running since yesterday and players can buy discounted newly spawned dragons in exchange for TRX.
blockchain cuties presale

Blockchain Cuties Launches TRON Presale

Days after the Tron integration announcement, Blockchain Cuties is hosting the TRON Pre-Sale with special Cuties on sale for TRX.
Chibi Fighters TRON Blockchain

Chibi Fighters Announced TRON integration & Presale

The collectible blockchain game Chibi Fighters becomes the latest game to announce TRON Blockchain Integration. It's no secret that...
Aftermath islands logo creation competition

Aftermath Island Token Logo Creation Contest With Big Rewards

The upcoming TRON blockchain game Aftermath Islands is hosting a token logo creation contest where community members can get creative and design...
everdragons blockchain games moves to tron network

Everdragons Integrates Into TRON Network

The popular blockchain based game Everdragons announced plans to expand into Tron network. Everdragons moved to POA network last...
Blockchain Cuties Tron Network

Blockchain Cuties Goes TRON

Exciting things are happening in the Blockchain Cuties camp, after the EOS integration, developers announced that TRON blockchain is coming to the...
Blockchain Games based on Tron Network

4 TRON Based Blockchain Games To Play

Tronix platform is gaining more and more attention every day, developers are migrating from Ethereum network using the TVM Switch due to speed, fees, and...
Aftermath Islands blockchain game on the TRON Network. An RPG game similar to tropico

Aftertmath Islands – Tropico on the Blockchain

Aftermath Islands is an upcoming strategic role-playing blockchain game based on the TRON Network with a concept similar to Tropico. There are island owners, landowners, pirates, and...