The Arena: Online FPS PVP Game

the arena blockchain game

Imagine a world where gamers actually own everything they acquire, from weapons and armor to level-ups. BlockStudio Gaming has created that world with the alpha release of their first crypto-game: The Arena. The Arena is a revolutionary concept that couples online gaming and cryptocurrency. This first-of-a-kind project moves gaming into the blockchain frontier.

In The Arena, gamers enter the crypto-gaming space to engage other players from around the world in “first-person shooter battles of skill and prowess.”But what sets The Arena apart from other games is tangible ownership. Everything is recorded on the blockchain. BlockStudio Gaming founder, Brian Culwell, says the idea of The Arena was to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. “Gamers spend billions of dollars annually and countless hours for intangible assets.

In The Arena, everything you buy, you actually own.”Unlike most new ventures in the crypto space, development of The Arena was privately funded. Even though there will be a token used in gameplay and for in-game assets, there will be no traditional ICO to raise funds for development. The Arena’s token, PVP, is an ERC-20 token that will underpin the game’s economy. “So many people have lost money on sketchy ICO’s over the past year, that even with a viable project, we didn’t want to even touch that space, “says Culwell. Designers have set up The Arena so that players compete against each other to earn PVP. In the game, players stake their PVP for health. New gamers will receive free PVP when they begin playing, and additional tokens can be purchased or won from other gamers or the game monsters. Earning PVP outside of the actual game is available through normal bounties for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

The game includes death matches that take place in various locations, including inner-city ruins, rain forests, jungles, and custom-built scenarios. Designers have included multipl hidden and hidden cameras that capture the combatants every move. Gamers in over a dozen countries who are participating in the alpha stage say The Arena is“fun” and “addictive.” On Facebook, one player called The Arena “ a historic undertaking.”Karma Ray believes this is “the future of gaming.” Eilrahc Rednatnas said he has played a lot of shooting games, and based on his experience, “I will give it 5 stars.” On The Arena website, gamer Tom S. said, “even in alpha, I can see the potential and the future. Fantastic job guys – looking forward to building my war chest.”CEO Culwell says The Arena is only the beginning. BlockStudio Gaming has big plans for this gaming space. “We intend to build a multiverse that supports this same technology,” Culwell said.To start playing The Arena now, register at where you can also purchase your own PVP tokens. 

You can also follow the game’s developments and learn more about what other gamers think on Facebook at

About BlockStudio GamingLaunched in 2018, BlockStudio Gaming brings together decades of gaming talent with nearly five years of blockchain development and innovation. The company has leveraged the talents of their team to revolutionize the future of gameplay with PVP. PVP is the company’s newest ERC-20 token and is built by players, for players. Learn more about BlockStudio Gaming at

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