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The RHOAM Genesis Items Sale Offers Some Exclusive Benefits & Profit Sharing



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Following the MFT Presale, the RHOAM Genesis hotlist is now open, and more information is available for the ERC-1155 in-game items sale.

When was the last time you gained an in-game item by using a social media platform? Or even better, when did you win part of the project’s profits by just playing a game? 

RHOAM and RHOVIT are tied to create an ecosystem of creativeness, rewards, and engagement. At first, you use RHOVIT here you unlock user-generated content, spend and get Rbit tokens as well as receive in-game items. On the other hand, you can move to RHOAM by pressing one button and play a casual style game, which doesn’t require much time and it’s simple, fun, and yet addictive.

The RHOAM Gameplay

Start your adventure to find the Treasure, which includes part of the RHOVIT profit. The faster you get there, the more you will receive. To be one of the firsts, you will have to trade the use of your items for others.

The simple explanation:

There are four different Zones, each one with its color. 

Now, let’s say you own a Blue Monkey Card, and you are in the Purple Zone. Blue Monkey can’t help you because it’s only valid in Blue Zone, but you can easily trade its use (yes – the use – not the token itself) for a purple card (or more) that will make you reach the Treasure faster in that particular hunt.

With that said, holding a variety of colors is a wise choice.

Rhoagar commander in RHOAM Genesis items presale

What does the Treasure contain?

Besides the big prize, part of Rhovit’s profit, the Treasure may also contain NFTs from partnered games, RHOAM items, merchandise, and Rbit earnings boosters.

Multiverse in the Horizon

Rhovit has created an inhouse ERC-1155 Smart Contract for all the in-game assets. The particular Smart Contract, which was first introduced by Enjin Coin and officially adopted from Ethereum Community, allows the interoperability of assets through multiple platforms and games. In other words, we might see in the future RHOAM items having a utility in other games. Furthermore, RHOAM has expressed its intentions to support assets from multiple chains, including Enjin, Binance, Wax, Tron, and others.

flying monkey rhoam game

The Genesis Assets Sale

Starting this Tuesday, 01/07/2020, at 5:00 PM GMT+3 (Verify your local time here), RHOAM will offer Genesis assets with a discounted price for everyone who joined the hotlist and buys within two hours of the sale. 

The platform won’t offer these assets again, and you will be able to acquire them from other players, or by winning them in-game.

All Genesis assets will come with a +1 time advantage. Meaning, Genesis Legendary assets will help you reach the Treasure five hours faster, instead of four.

Genesis Avatars will come with a three-hour advantage (and a rare bonus skin), meaning you will have a base time to reach the Treasure of 45 hours, instead of 48.

RHOAM’s presale series will last eight weeks. Each presale will feature one Genesis Legendary Asset in two different colors and a pack of five cards that include 2 Epic and 2 Rare random cards.

rhoam cards


  • 5 Card Pack:
  • Regular Price: $70
  • Presale Price: $35
  • Hotlist Price: $30
  • Avatar:
  • Regular Price: $40
  • Presale Price: $20
  • Hotlist Price: $15

Top 10 Contributors Bonus

RHOAM will keep a list of the top ten contributors and reward them with every card of the genesis sale in every color!


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