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Tribes of War Blockchain Game by MXRT

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Tribes of War Blockchain Game by MXRT is an upcoming card-style game based on the history of martial arts.

Collect unique ERC-721 cards that feature legendary figures from the Martial arts history and battle against other players.

In Tribes of War, you will be able to complete quests that earn you weapons, items, and experience. Now here’s something interesting, by learning from your experience, you will be capable of avoiding specific battles using “Shakti” feature and wisdom.

Unique Cards for Sale

The blockchain card game Tribes of War has released two champions for the early-backers of the game. These card’s won’t be ever reproduced and they are considered extremely rare.

Das Ungeteilte – “The Undivided”

Das Ungeteilte tribes of war mxrt blockchain game crypto game

In the primordial chaos The Void: Das Ungeteilte stirred and became aware of itself. Ultimately, with no way to observe, or know its nature, it found the strength to divide, and thus became what we observe as “existence.” Within that existence, the divisions continued, and the Tribes of War emerged. The Void watches all, undistributed, and occasionally, for its own entertainment, participates. Woe to those who find themselves in battle with this force.

Das Ungeteilte is the rarest card in the Tribes of War and you can acquire it for 0.08ETH, around $14. Only 250 will ever exist!

Prācī – “The Mother of the East”

praci the mother of the east tribes of war blockchain game egamers

The first sight Prācī : “The Mother of the East” remembered was her twin, stark in his new reality of black and white. He formed, and she felt herself forming as well. She could barely make out his shape through the mist of her own creation. Far away, and seemingly across a valley, on a crag of rock above a valley filled with moving, translucent shapes and forms. As colors began to create and project themselves out of the binary of their father, The Undivided: “Das Ungeteilte,” she could sense herself, nearly-formed now, as her brother was. Her raiments, settling into solidity around her were red, and starkly so. The clothing billowed around and slipped into shape around her form.

YIN Energy – All Eastern arts flow from her. Only 1,000 cards will ever exist and you get acquire this card for 0.04ETH, around 7$ at the time of writing this article.

Visit Tribes of War Website

The MartialArtsCoin

MartialArtsCoin (MXRT) is a cryptocurrency token built upon the Stellar network. MXRT aims to become the future currency for athletes, students, and fans using the Martial Arts ecosystem. Buyers of martial arts sportswear and equipment using their fiat currency are facing a number of difficulties such as network delays, bank and cards fees or even minimum price orders that can be resolved by using the Blockchain technology.

By taking advantage of the Stellar’s speed and reliable network, MXRT aims to become the solution as the currency used for payments in all of the sectors of the Martial Arts community. Either for someone that is teaching a class, hosting an event or companies that sell Martial Arts equipment, MXRT can serve as the currency that provides the best solution by giving them the control of their financial transactions.

The MXRT Early Adopters Group

Early adopters will benefit a 5% bonus of their first token purchase. After you make your first MXRT Token purchase you can send them the Transaction ID to earn 5% of your purchase in addition. Click here to fill the form of the early adopter’s group.

Connect with MartialArtsCoin Twitter, Facebook Group, Telegram, Discord

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