About Tribes of War

Tribes of War is an upcoming title from MXRT Blockchain based on the history of Martial arts. It's a card-style crypto game where players collect unique ERC721 figures that became well known for their fighting skills and battle against other players.
Besides fighting with other players, in Tribes of War you will be able to complete various quests to earn items, experience as well as weapons!
Tribes of War presents an interesting feature called "Shakti" which is obtainable through experience. By mastering "Shakti", gamers will be in place to pass on specific battles and avoid a certain defeat.

Inspired From True Heroes

All the champion cards in Tribes of War are true martial arts legends. By taking a look at each card you understand how important each hero was in the era of his existence.
Tribes of War cards are enriched with interesting and big lores that players can read and understand their champions true powers.
The game is not yet available to play, you can acquire some limited edition cards from the official website that won't be ever reproduced with increased benefits. Tribes of War is a game for all the gamers who have a thing for Martial Arts and anyone who enjoys playing a crypto collectible game.

Rich Lores based on historical data. Get your own Legendary Heroes in Tribes of War

Explore The Heroes

Limited Edition Heroes are available in the official website of Tribes of War. Make sure you check them out! All cards are ERC-721.

MartialArtsCoin (MXRT) is a cryptocurrency token built upon the Stellar network. MXRT aims to become the future currency for athletes, students, and fans using the Martial Arts ecosystem. Buyers of martial arts sportswear and equipment using their fiat currency are facing a number of difficulties such as network delays, bank and cards fees or even minimum price orders that can be resolved by using the Blockchain technology.