Tron War Bot is Now Live! Who Will Conquer The World?

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Tron War Bot is now available to play! Get ready to bet on the country that will conquer the world and get paid in TRX as well as in Dividents.

Tron War Bot is a Blockchain game built on the Tron Network inspired by the popular Facebook game WorldWarBot 2020.

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How does Tron War Bot work

In Tron War Bot countries conquer each other in a world war that is taking place in turns (one per hour). The conquest probability is proportional to the number of conquered countries.

Tron War Bot allows players to bet TRX in the outcome of the battle and earn an amount of the jackpot divided equally to the players that placed a bet on the winning country. Each bet price is 50 TRX and once you bet, you become eligible for the dividends.

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The player can bet in 2 ways.

  • Bet Next: Bet if the country will conquer or be conquered and win according to the winning probability.
  • Bet on the Final Winner: This bet allows you to bet on the country which will win the game.

With each bet, players become eligible for awards from the Prize Pool.

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Read the Tron War Bot Whitepaper and get to know the game better.

How to Play

In order to play you need to have a TronLink wallet and an amount of TRX in it!

When you are set to go choose the Country that you estimate that will win the next round and place your bet. The bet amount is set to 50 TRX and there is no limit of bets per turn. There is a new turn every one hour and all bets stop 2 minutes before the draw of the country. Players that placed their bet on the winning country will get paid seconds after the draw.

Currently, you can access Tron War Bot through your PC and in the near future will be available for your mobile device as well.

Play Now Tron War Bot

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