TronGoo is Live & Officially a Member of Tron Arcade

TronGoo is Live & Officially a Member of Tron Arcade

TronGoo is Live & Officially a Member of Tron Arcade. Ethergoo was the first competitive idle game on the Ethereum blockchain, and it was great! It was so good that it surpassed Cryptokitties in terms of daily users and transaction volume.

Having your laboratory of animals mining Goo for you sounds fun, but what is not fun, is the slow transaction speeds of the Ethereum network.

The Goo experience is now getting better, faster, and responsive! The game is well redesigned, and just like that, TronGoo is born!

Developed in partnership with Tron Shrimp Farm, the most explosive game on TRON Blockchain, which inspired dozens of copycat games. 

Developers make TronGoo with years of Ethereum development experience prior to moving to the TRON network.

Following the footsteps of Blockchain Cuties0xWarriors, FishMaster, and other titles, TronGoo joins the TRON Arcade Fund. It is now available to more than 105 million users, including the BitTorrent network, the most popular p2p sharing platform owned by TRON.

In the official medium announcement, Tron Arcade stated:

The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We’re confident that working together will allow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption. The EtherGoo and TRON Shrimp devs have produced hit DApps on multiple blockchains, and we hope their creations will bring joy to the TRON community.

How to Play TronGoo

TronGoo TRON Blockchain Game Arcade egamersio
TronGoo – The classic Ethergoo game now available on the TRON Blockchain.

In TronGoo, you can mine Goo, the in-game currency by purchasing laboratory animals or attacking other players. The philosophy is simple. The more Goo you own, the more TRX you earn. There is also the deposit box where you deposit Goo and get TRX in return.

While the game is free to play, you will need some TRX to cover transaction fees, just like Ethereum games, you will need a compatible browser-wallet, we advice using TronLink for desktop or GuildChat for smartphone users.

Every new player gets a kitten scientist. Kitten scientists produce a small amount of Goo each second. Your goal is to develop a mining empire of lab animals!

Soldier Kitty TronGoo Blockchain Game Ethergoo
Soldier Kitty, a scientist made warrior ready to claim loot for you.

In TronGoo you can either purchase production units or barracks, the warrior ones.

TronGoo Barracks Units:

Capable of defending your empire, and your Goo, those fearless kitties are a must to survive in the cruel world of TronGoo. Use them to attack opponents and steal their loot.

TronGoo Production Units:

The lab-animals that produce Goo for you! You can upgrade them and buy more slots to mine more Goo. Some of them can are available using Goo, while others need TRX.

Among others, TronGoo features in-game raffles and giveaways where you can win special units with greater stats!

Play TronGoo Now

trongoo attack
Attack Dashboard in TronGoo. Attack your opponents and steal their Goo.

Are you a game developer? Submit your game in Tron Arcade Fund.