TronMan $620 Knockout Tournament Starts Today

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TronMan, a simple yet addictive blockchain game is hosting another tournament with $620 in prizes for the winners.

The TronMan Knockout Tournament will begin today, Saturday, February 9 with the qualifying round and tomorrow, Sunday, the best 32 players will compete for the cash prizes.

With a tweet, TronMan announced the starting times around the world.

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What is TronMan?

In the year 2019. Misgovernment led the Tron world into desolation and ruin. It’s inhabitants have been left fearful and lacking direction, awaiting the day a new Tron clan will arise and restore order.

With that story in mind, TronMan was born!

Inspired by the famous Bomberman, TronMan features 1VS1 battles where players place bombs on the ground, collect power ups with the ultimate goal to take out the enemy.

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