Ubisoft Selects 5 Blockchain Games For The Fifth Entrepreneurs Lab Season

Ubisoft Selects 5 Blockchain Games For The Fifth Entrepreneurs Lab Season

The world-known gaming studio Ubisoft continues showing interest in Blockchain Gaming and this time, they have chosen a handful of companies to participate in their fifth Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab season. This means that the participating projects will benefit from Ubisoft’s expertise through direct support and advice. Ubisoft’s initiative started in 2017 at Station F Paris and the past year it expanded to IMDA Pixel incubation space in Singapore. The current season’s theme is Social Entertainment which we reported back in January 2020 and it focuses on how blockchain can empower communities and facilitate social connections.

Among some non-blockchain companies, Ubisoft selected XAYA (Taurion & Soccer Manager Elite,) Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity) Sorare, Splinterlands, and Planetarium for the six-months mentorship program which will be mostly done remotely.

Ubisoft’s Interest in Blockchain Gaming.

Ubisoft is a part of the Blockchain Game Alliance and a block producer for UOS by Ultra. In 2018, they organized the Blockchain Heroes hackathon with 57 participants and also developed prototype hybrid blockchain game on Ethereum called Hashcraft.

The French giant has developed and published, some of the best titles such as Watch Dogs, Assasins Creed, and Prince of Persia. Currently, more than 16,000 employees work at Ubisoft.

“This selection shows that, more than ever, Ubisoft is committed to creating the most engaging, creative, fun and bonding entertainment experiences for tomorrow. “We are convinced that by joining forces with talented entrepreneurs, we can only enrich each other and accelerate our common efforts for gamers.”

Emmeline Biscay, Ubisoft’s chief data officer.

The Blockchain Projects Selected by Ubisoft.


Xaya is a blockchain for fully decentralized games built from the ground allowing developers to create complex games with scalability in mind using the game channels. The team consists of skilled developers, who also released the first blockchain game called Huntercoin. Right now, Xaya hosts two popular titles, the Taurion, an MMO RTS game which is a play-to-earn game in beta and Soccer Manager Elite, an upcoming management game by the developers of the Soccer Manager Series which counts over 50 million downloads.

Visit Xaya website.


The most playable blockchain game with around 7k weekly players. Splinterlands is a trading card game originally built on Steem and now ported over to Hive. With more than 20 million games played and over $1 Million in transactions, it’s by far the most popular game on the blockchain gaming industry. Its fast-paced gameplay is addictive and the player base is growing exponentially.

Play Splinterlands.


Sorare counts 2,6k active monthly players for the previous month (May) and based on data from Non-Fungible the marketplace has generated $50k the past week only. It’s a fantasy football game with licensed teams where gamers can manage a team of 5 players, participate in leagues and trade the cards with other players. Sorare is funded by Tier 1 capital firms such as ConsenSys, Seedcamp and others.

Play Sorare.


A play-to-earn game and one of the oldest on Ethereum. Raise creatures called Axies, train them, and send them to battle. Gather love potions, use them to breed or sell them to the marketplace, then repeat. Axie Infinity recently launched the community alpha as a standalone version for PCs and in November 2019, Sky Marvis raised $1.5 Million.

Play Axie Infinity.


An ecosystem for online games written in C#/.NET for cross-platform games where developers can share their code. Planetarium is mostly known for Nince Chronicles RPG which is based on Libplanet. The Libplanet is coming in 2020 and it’s going to be open-source.

Visit Planetarium.

The rest projects that made it in Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab season are Immersiv.io, Caregame and Atlantide. We are sure that Ubisoft is going to release it’s first blockchain game within the next years, until then, stay on the loop with egamers.