Use Rbit Shop to Get Discounted Blockchain Games Assets & Earn Rewards

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The rewarding platform RHOVIT launched recently the official Store called “Rbit Shop” and now everyone can claim in-game assets, fungible tokens, digital goods and merchandise in discounted prices!

But before we dive into the Rbit Shop details, let’s take a minute to talk about the RHOVIT platform itself.

RHOVIT is a reward-based content platform that offers a new monetization model for both content creators and readers. Authors offer “locked” content that viewers can unlock in exchange for points.

To earn points, you can complete some easy tasks and earn them in their weekly payout. The Points are the main platform currency used to purchase content.

“Rbit Tokens” an NEM based cryptocurrency, are also earned for all activity on the platform. These rewards earned can be used as discounts on digital goods, non-fungible tokens, merchandise and more throughout the Rbit Shop.

Rhovit Rbit

“Rbit Tokens” can be used to purchase digital goods, non-fungible tokens, merchandise and more through the Rbit Shop. The RHOVIT platform offers a gamified experience that rewards everyone in the ecosystem. Register for your first free 50 points and discover the RHOVIT platform.

There is also a game under development that will be connected to the RHOVIT platform called “RHOAM”.

Don’t forget to join the Giveaway and claim 1000 ENJ as well as incredible in-game items.

The Rbit Shop, Explained

The whole platform is connected, unlocking content in RHOVIT allows you to earn loot back which can be converted in Rbit tokens, 20 loot equals 1 Rbit.

The Rbit Shop supports multiple payment methods including USD (Paypal), BTC, ETH and Rbit tokens.

The Store contains 4 different product categories.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (in-game assets)
  • Fungible Tokens (Utility tokens & In-game assets)
  • Digital Goods
  • Merchandise

There are discounts on the products if you choose to pay with Rbits and every time you complete a purchase, you earn points back. Additionally, all items can be traced through the dashboard.

rbit shop rhoam egamers

Blockchain Agnostic

The Rbit Shop is not based on any specific blockchain, while the native token is based on NEM Blockchain, the platform itself is centralized to offer convenience and great user experience to users who are not aware how dapps work. With that being said, Paypal payments are a great way to do commerce with non-crypto users and at a later date, users won’t have to enter any cryptocurrency wallet to receive their items, making them all available in their RHOVIT account until they claim them.

At the current moment, only verified games can sell items on the Rbit Shop but this will change in the future as users will be allowed to sell their items in the store, creating a big community of trusted buyers and sellers.

If you are a game developer and you would like to offer your products through the Rbit Shop, visit the Seller’s page and fill out the form.

Is RHOVIT Another OpenSea?

The straight answer is no. RHOVIT aims to become a rewarding ecosystem for both creators and readers while establishing itself as the mainstream “Kickstarter” platform for blockchain games.

The Hotlist feature is in place and allows users to get a buying window for specific items during the first 2 hours of the sale with hefty discounts. With points dropped to users every week and the possibility to buy them using FIAT money, participating in a sale has never been easier.

rbit shop space misfits universe

Who Participates in Rbit Shop Now?

Right now the store is in beta, as the development continues RHOVIT will accept more games and allow sellers to sign-up and control their own “Universes” There are three notable names in the blockchain gaming industry as early adopters of the Rbit Shop, Ether LegendsSpace Misfits and Spirit Clash. Visit their official Stores in Rbit Shop and start your purchases.

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