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Vibe or Die – Multi Platform FPS Blockchain Game



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Vibe or Die is a Multiplayer FPS blockchain game that integrates VIBE, NEO, ETH, and BNB cryptocurrencies. Players earn crypto every time they kill an opponent and vice versa. How confident are you with your gaming skills? Vibe or Die offers a range from 0.01 token (any of the above) per kill/death up to 100. Choose the staking that most suites you and jump in the battlefield!

The game provides multiple game modes to choose from (NEO, VIBE, ETH, BNB) and it’s available to download in PC while there is also an upcoming VR integration.

Vibe or Die - Multi Platform FPS Blockchain Game

Vibe or Die NEO Competition

Most noteworthy, the game has a competition available right now with a $2,500 USD worth of NEO for winners. The competition started October 31st, 2019 and will end on November 30th, 2019, 6:00 AM UTC

To be eligible you must play on the NEO or NEOGas game modes and accomplish 25 kills or deaths every day. 

Every day at 6:00 AM UTC a new round of eligibility starts and each winner will receive $80 U.S.D worth of NEO. Players don’t take any further advantage if participating in more than 25 kills/death. Therefore, any qualified player has an equal chance of winning in the daily draw.

Play Vibe or Die

Vibe or Die Game Nodes

Token holders can sponsor nodes used to run the game servers in order to earn a percentage of transaction fees. The cost to sponsor a node is based on the selected token and changes every month.

About VIBEHub

VIBEHub is a blockchain platform powered by VIBE & VIBENet. The platform can support any cryptocurrency in the VIBEHub gaming ecosystem. The company aims to fulfil all the requirements for the next generation of blockchain gaming by providing instant and atomic micro transactions with no gas fees.

Furthermore, the platform features a mobile app with crypto data in holographic 3D charts.

Vibe Token is a cryptocurrency that operates in the Ethereum network and is used for the platforms economy.


Viber or Die is just a game and must be treated as one. Gaming is a fun way to spend your time but it can also come with capital lose or addictions for those that don’t have control of their selves. Before taking any action always remember the two golden rules: Do your own research (DYOR) and never spend more than you afford to lose. Egamers.io doesn’t take any responsibility for your actions or any kind of capital loss.

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