VX Network, VX Wallet Launched in Apple App Store and Google Play

(ST. JULIANS, MALTA) – VX Network (CEO Michael C. Chung) announced that VX Wallet, a mobile Ethernet wallet, has been registered with Apple App Store and Google Play. If you search for ‘VX Wallet’ in Apple App Store and Google Play, you can get it immediately.

VX Wallet can easily create an Ethernet wallet on the mobile and securely transmit it. VX Wallet will also be able to trade VX coins, which will be used to trade items for games served on the VX platform, which is its own blockchain game service platform.

The VX wallet has four main functions. The first function is convenient to deposit and withdrawal. You can send and receive Etherium and VX coins immediately to the wallet address provided by the VX Wallet, and you can immediately request an Etherium and VX coin collection with a QR code. Easy and fast address inquiry, input, transaction history inquiry is possible, no advertisement, and gas value can be set.

The second feature is multi-support. A variety of reliable ERC-based coins will be added to the VX wallet.

The third function is security. Protect your app by setting passwords, securely encrypt data in storage on your device, and keep your private key secure with bank-level security. It also protects users with Face ID, Touch ID, or existing passwords, and does not access any information from the user.

The fourth function is a convenient operation. You can see the status of integrated coins and tokens in the VX wallet.

The functionality of the VX wallet will not stop here. The function of the current electronic wallet will be added to the VX wallet with game items and game-specific token trading functions.

The VX Network is currently running the IEO on the Bitsonic, and you can see the purchased VX coin in the VX Wallet without any additional procedure.

By the first quarter of this year, VX Network will provide 6 types of games including full 3D blockchain golf game and monopoly style board game on the VX platform.