Can you give a Yummy a home these Holidays?

BitCrystals announces that the presale of Yummy characters from the forthcoming gourmet-themed game ‘à table!’ will go live on 5 December 2018.

Aspart of its effort to find new owners for homeless Yummies these Holidays, blockchain game and collectables publisher BitCrystals today announced that the presale of the first characters (called“Yummies”) from forthcoming blockchain-enabled game àtable! will open at 10 am CET on December 5th. Potential owners will be able to give a Yummy a new home on the àtable!.

atable blockchain game soup egamers

àtable! (pronounced \a\tabl\) is being developed by game studio EverdreamSoft (EDS), creator of the popular blockchain-based trading card title Spells of Genesis. The game item sale for àtable! is being managed by BitCrystals, the blockchain publishing branch of EDS. During the pre-sale which will last for 3 months, players will be able to purchase their “Yummy-mix” including the ingredients to “bake” their Yummy -an original cute animal made of food-related items, represented by an ERC-721 token.

The Yummy-mix is a pre-order blockchain system that will record each buyer’s wallet address, the race and number of the ordered Yummy and the redeemable date. During the presale, every time a Yummy-mix is sold, the price of all subsequent ones will increase slightly. This means that early purchasers will get Yummy-mix at its lowest price! The other advantage for early purchasers is that by buying Yummy-mix during the presale, any resulting Yummies will have the chance to have very rare Gourmet body parts.

atable blockchain game Salamandre

Right after the end of the presale, players will get to meet their new friends on “Serving Day” at which time fully formed Yummies will be ready to come out of the oven. The exact appearance and body parts of each Yummy will remain a mystery until Serving Day. The only parameter which can be chosen during the presale is the Yummy’s race.

Interested owners will be able to purchase Yummy-mix for Ethereum (ETH) using the CasaTookan digital wallet on mobile, or an app such as Metamask on desktop.


atable everdreamsoft blockchain game yummies
Yummies in àtable! From left to right: Bunny, Unicorn, Salamander.

The Yummies are cute animals made from food-related items. The first three races to be introduced are Bunny, Salamander, and Unicorn. Each race will have its own strengths and weaknesses, so players will want to have a diverse team of Yummies to be successful in their adventures. Starting from the Serving Day, Yummy owners can opt to mix two Yummies together and have a freshly baked Yummy. They can even breed different races together to get surprisingly cute and powerful animals and then exchange them with other “cooks” (players).

àtable! game

atable sweet winter blockchain game yummies everdreamsoft

àtable! is the French equivalent of “Come eat!”. àtable! is a browser-based exploration game combining two of everyone’s favourites – animals and food! The brave Yummies will embark on incredible adventures and explore food-themed islands, encountering different biomes set in a procedurally generated world, characters and treasures. The àtable! game is scheduled for release in late 2019/early 2020.

Save the date and get your Yummy-Mix!

Presale starts: December 5th, 2018, 10 am CET

Presale ends: March 4th, 2019, 12 pm (midnight) CET

Visit àtable! website and learn more.