War Field Review – The Crypto FPS Game & Airdrop

Probably the most completed 3D FPS Game at the moment in blockchain gaming industry is called War Field and it’s dope.

We are a step closer to transform games into a full-time job.

Test drive the game using your PC/Mac and start earning real cryptocurrency by killing other players. Put your cs:go skills in action and make a living through gaming.

WAR FIELD uses an ERC20 Token called GLDR Token for its gaming economy in which users are able to top-up using mainstream cryptocurrencies in 60% Discount rate. GLDR Token has a total supply of 2.574 Billion Tokens of which 70% Percent will be allocated for the Token Sale Event with heavy discounts. GLDR can only be used in-game but when the Sale Event is over there will be withdrawn functionality enabled.

war field balance game
I Deposited 0.0245 ETH ad received almost instantly 2850 GLDR Tokens.

The gaming industry was around $116 billion in 2017. There are around 2.2 Billion casual players in the world and the market continues to grow by 10–12% per year. In short, there is a lot of room for growth…and profit. The game is playable using your Chrome/Firefox etc browser with future releases in Android, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Right now War Field is in the alpha version with tons of features to come. War field’s core was developed using the Unity Game Engine, which makes it ideal for multi-platform usage.


Join War Field and get 600 GLDR Tokens for Free

War Field Game Review

Begin your hunting journey in a ship, all players spawn in the same map and compete with each other for GLDR Tokens. Each bullet you fire on an opponent, it pays you a small amount of GLDR, each time you get shot, well you know, you lose your money.

You are starting the game with 100 Free GLDR Tokens (Plus 500 if you join the airdrop), a free knife & a gun with ammunition. You can purchase better guns, wear cosmetic skins and many more.

war field guns

Game mechanics are good, not excellent but good. Considering that the game is available in alpha mode (not even beta), I can say we are looking in a Crypto Game Diamond.

War Field reminds me a lot of Garrys Mod, the shooting, dying, running. If you expect high-end mechanisms like cod or cs:go you will be disappointed, if you expect a cool game with ongoing development in which you will get rewarded for every bullet, then War Field is your Game.

War Field GamePlay

Let the video speak for itself.

War Field Requipments

war field shooter egamersIt’s not a surprise that the game does not need a high-end computer to be playable. It’s mandatory to keep the specs low so every user has the ability to join the game. Let me remind you that there is no installation needed.

In order to run War Field in your computer will have to match the minimum specs which are:

  • Intel i3 or higher
  • 4GB Ram
  • 250MB HDD
  • 512 MB Graphics Card

During later stages of development, more platforms will be added, with iOS and Android coming first, then gaming consoles

War Field is ahead of the competition.

I will give you 4 Reasons why I believe War Field will revolutionize the FPS Games and attract thousands of players in the near future.

  •  We have the first, fully playable First Person Shooter game that requires no download or installation with its own economy, GLDR Token.
  • Skilled FPS Players can make a living from War Field, do your best and start head shooting. It pays.
  • War Field is building a blockchain platform so any other games developed by them will use GLDR Token. That’s a plus if you consider hodling the tokens.
  • Extroversion is the moto.  The open Platform and API will be offered to other game developers. We are looking at new games, extensions and more which will upgrade the game and of course, the community buzz.

Play War Field & Get Free 600 GLDR

Screenshot 7You only have to sign-up using our link and follow the easy instructions to claim 100 During the sign-up and 500 more from the airdrop campaign.

In order to get the 660 Free GLDR you have to Follow War Field on social media, very easy with details available on their website on how to do it.

Get your GLDR Tokens and start shooting some heads.

Join War Field and get 600 GLDR Tokens for Free

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