War Riders partnership with BitGuild Platform
War Riders partnership with BitGuild Platform

BitGuild Platform is rapidly expanding, hours after the Axie Infinity announcement, War Riders, one of the most popular upcoming blockchain games join forces with BitGuild.

With a Medium post and a tweet, BitGuild welcomed War Riders as their 6th games, while there are 3 more to come.

The game functionality will not change, the partnership means two things, first War Riders will be available to BitGuild users and second, they also co-host the pre-sale of War Riders.

We asked from Vlad Kartashov, CEO of War Riders, a comment regarding the new partnership with BitGuild.

At War Riders we are always looking for new partnerships and ways to expand our customer base. BitGuild has achieved an impressive traction in the blockchain gaming space and has a solid customer base. We are extremely excited to welcome their customers into our family and we hope they will enjoy our product.

A Collection of War Riders Cars Presented Side by Side
A Collection of War Riders Cars Presented Side by Side

War Riders is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game all about blowing up cars and mining BZN Tokens while playing. By using the blockchain technology, players are able to directly trade their items in a convenient safe way. War Riders is currently hosting a Dutch Sale with premium vehicles.

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