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The anticipated blockchain game ChainBreakers released yesterday a new video containing some in-game footage and now we are closer than ever to acquire unique NFTs by terminating the oligarchy in ancient Greece.

Chainbreakers is an upcoming 3D and VR strategy blockchain game by Qwellcode.

In the video we can see a first version of the graphics while stating that players will be able to explore large worlds without having to download them in their computer. Moreover we can see pet companions as well as equiped cosmetic items, all that, in a world where you can hand out with your friends!

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The ChainBreakers recently gave away a big number of items to all the players who are interesting in playing the game and it’s constantly doing promotions to expand the userbase.

Players will be able to fight oligarchy and free the slaves while forming a rebel squad. Of course, ChainBreakers will feature quests, PvP battles and other exciting features.

Once it’s out, it will be playable using any modern browser and mobile devices. As a VR game, players will acquire unique NFT and crypto using AI-based text-to-speech algorithm allowing them to freely play the game without annoying texts.

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