What Tech is Exoplanets Using to Develop The Game?

The 3D blockchain mining game ExoPlanets is expanding its community and getting better day by day. More and more blockchain gamers are diving into the fascinating universe of Exoplanets made by a small team of developers.

In Exoplanets players can purchase a planet and evolve life in it under the umbrella of a decentralized economy powered by ExoTokens.

With constant mining events and activities, Exoplanets has a lot to offer to the players and the gaming community.

Watch the Exoplanets Beta Gameplay

Exoplanets team recently released a medium article stating the technologies used to develop the game.

For the server side part, developers are using Node.JS which is offering flexibility and ease of use. The transactions are handled by smart contracts written in Solidity, Ethereum’s code language.

Furthermore, Web3.js is used to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain, a neat Javascript library that features the web3 era, the one that is going to end web2, the centralized era.

Since the first day of development, the Exoplanets team+ is using A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences with which models and the universe is designed with.

Eko Yoren and Yaron Kachalon, the masterminds behind Exoplanets released a medium article where they explain all around the technologies used in the game. For more information, you visit their medium page.


Creating a blockchain game isn’t an easy task at all, it requires a lot of time, resources and experienced people to work on it. While the crypto gaming seemed impossible in the past, we are now experiencing a wave of new technologies and games that bring adoption a step closer to us.

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