Win Extremely Rare RHOAM Items & Earn From The New Affiliate System

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The Rewarding platform RHOVIT continues RHOAM’s presale by adding a referral system with incredible prizes for the TOP 10 users. The first pre-sale round finished successfully and participants acquired rare cards, including the RHOAM MFT that will greatly help them reach the treasure in less time, which is the main objective of RHOAM.

The hot list opens tomorrow, Sunday 19/01/2020 and everyone who pre-register can get the listed items for a discounted price. The second round of the public sale begins this Wednesday.

Invite your friends to participate in the RHOVIT sale and receive 10% of each sale, not only that, but also the Top 10 participants will receive one Ridiculously Rare Universal Asset. Just like the title suggests, this NFT is going to be extremely rare as there will be only one minted of each!

These assets will be used in any color zone, there won’t be any other assets with this ability! These are the rarest and powerful in-game RHOAM items!

It’s worth to mention that affiliate earning will be payed out to the users through Paypal and Ethereum. A detailed article about how the affiliate system will work can be found here.

ShapeshifterZ Collaboration

RHOVIT teamed up with the designer company ShapeshifterZ to create a unique Costume! The number 1 referrer will be able to choose any out of the 8 Genesis Avatars.

Based in Los Angeles, ShapeshifterZ designs costumes for TV, commercials and Cos players around the world.

The image below showcases the roadmap of the sales.

rhoam mini sale roadmap

What’s New in RHOAM?

The game released a number of images explaining the Gameplay and much more.

Take a look at the collection below to find out about the gameplay. As a reminder, RHOAM is developing its own ERC-1155 Smart Contract that will host both RHOVIT and RHOAM in the near future.


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