World of Ether Offers Over $20k in Rewards

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World of Ether Offers New Reward, Over $20K Available to Players As many crypto enthusiasts are trying to survive the long crypto winter, World of Ether revealed some market warming news that has piqued the interest of gamers and investors alike. After only being accessible to the public for roughly two months, World of Ether unveiled another financial reward, by offering $11,000 in ETH to the first player that discovers the game’s Life Legendary monster.

This announcement is another example as to why World of Ether has quickly become one of the most popular blockchain games on the market today. Their latest reward is in addition to the existing $6,000 prize that’s available to the first person to nail the Sun Legendary monster challenge. If those two gaming bounties weren’t enough of an inspiration to play WoE, the developers also have thousands of dollars in rewards and prizes.

What is World of Ether?

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Unlike the numerous gambling options and crypto gambling sites that used to overpopulate the blockchain market, games like World of Ether have revolutionized the current technology to provide users with an exciting, immersive experience. World of Ether is often considered to be a cross between eBay and Pokemon. The goal is to buy, breed and battle monsters in order to progress through the game and score some ETH. This is how users will find rarer monsters including the Life Legendary and the Sun Legendary monsters that the developers have created prizes for. Each aspect of the game has its own set of challenges. For example, when trying sell monsters, the game’s marketplace is driven by supply and demand.

To play World of Ether, users will need ETH and a MetaMask account, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet. However, gamers will be able to earn more ETH through the breeding and selling of their monsters. This gives users the opportunity to earn money while playing video games and trying to survive the lengthy crypto bear market.

Currently, World of Ether is widely considered as one of the best games on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only does it offer gamers an enjoyable, challenging user experience, but it keeps the Ethereum blockchain competitive with other market leaders like Tron.

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