ZugCoin Announced Upcoming Updates

The Crypto Valley-based project, ZugCoin Cryptocurrency, makers of Crypto Run Mobile Game announced in Bitcointalk some new interesting updates.

There are two (2) Companies located in Crypto Valley who have shown interest in ZugCoin. This could mean a rapid expansion of the economy and provides a legitimacy for future investors.

A brand new shop will be released into Crypto Run at the beginning of the next week. More specifically we are waiting until Tuesday. Admin in ZugCoin’s Discord said that you will be able to purchase new characters and speed with ZCN. I’m looking forward to see what’s more in the shop, until now, you couldn’t spend your tokens.

A new wallet is underway. That’s good news, the bitcoin wallet clone is not something I & many people appreciate. I believe the game should also have an android Wallet.

Forget POW, only POS and POG will be used. Have you tried to mine ZugCoins with your GPU? Don’t try it. Better play. I got like 1,5 ZugCoin per hour with my GTX 1060.

There are 2 potential exchanges listings. Not much information yet released.

The team will release a new Multiplayer Racing Game on 1st of October. The game will contain features like coin collection, upgrades, weekly leaderboards etc.

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