Zugcoin Moves to POS, Swap is happening.

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Zugcoin has made a lot of progress in the Crypto Run Blockchain Game for Android since we first talked about it.

The new map is awesome, and it pushes the difficulty barrier higher. Forget the easy Zugcoin mining because now you have to re-think where to go.

After a community request, Cedric, Lead Developer of the project, decided to change Zugcoin’s algorithm to Proof of Stake (POS) & Proof of Game instead of the Proof of Work that was initially selected.

It’s not clear what the percentage of Staking will be, but the team might adopt a 50% rate for the first year.

I believe this is a smart move, as my GTX 1060 was mining 1,5 Zugcoin per hour while you can earn easily 1.000 Zugcoins if you play CryptoRun for 30 Minutes.

The new algorithm means that you have to download the new wallet. If your zugcoins are in the game, you have to wait until withdraws are open again, set for around 15 of July. Download the new wallet, and withdraw there.

If you are an old wallet user and have zugcoins in it, contact Zugsoft in their Discord Server, he will be more than helpful to swap the coins for you.

Do not attempt to send coins from the old wallet to the new. You will lose them.

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