Arkane Network

Arkane Network is a universal wallet, API, and SDK provider for nine different Blockchains and expanding. The development tools allow developers and game studios to create decentralized games while users can manage different wallets under a single account.

Endless Possibilities

Easy to use tools with detailed documentations are in place for every developer. Start without blockchain development knowledge and let Arkane Network handle the hard tasks for your company. Benefit from the proven security, item scarcity, and countless other benefits.

Cross-Platform Inventory

Use a single inventory service regardless of the blockchain on Mobile, Desktop, Web and Console.

SDK For Unity & Other Platforms

Arkane provides an SDK for unity to integrate blockchain technology for both new and released games.

Improved Player Retention

Offer to your players true item ownership through the use of digital goods on the blockchain.

Future Proof Services For Everyday Developers

Easy to Use API

Fully customizable API with quick-start examples and extended documentation. Develop any application, whether it is Mobile, Web, or Desktop.

State of The Art Support

Arkane does not only support your developers, but they also offer support for the consumers whenever they have questions. Plus, you get valuable feedback.

Wallet as a Service

Arkane’s wallet supports 9 blockchains including fungible and non-fungible tokens under a single account. The users don’t have to use private keys.

Analytics Gathering

Arkane’s inventory provides valuable insights into asset usage and consumption, making sure developers know exactly what’s happening.

Developer Toolbox

Let your users secure their valuable digital assets without leaving your platform with just a few code lines. Test environment and demo application are available.

Cloud Infrastructure

Forget complex blockchain infrastructures and 3rd party providers. Arkane’s cloud service ensures you are always up-to-date with the latest versions.

Web3 Support

The Web3 wrapper allows apps to send default Web3 calls to Arkane Network. It takes less than 5 minutes and the users can generate crypto wallets the easy way.

Integrate Exchange Services

Users and players can instantly exchange FIAT to crypto and crypto to crypto through multiple exchange partners.

Eliminate Item Fraud

The nature of digital goods on the blockchain eliminates the use of shady markets. Players and users enjoy a safe environment.


Support multiple items from different games and share quests and game progression.

White label solutions

Use a single inventory service regardless of the blockchain on Mobile, Desktop, Web and Console.

A Team of Experts

Trusted by Atari, Matic, and NEO Blockchain.
These innovative companies are already taking advantage of the Arkane Network. Get started today for free or select the plan that suits your needs.