DFG Contributes 200,000 $DOT To The Efinity Crowdloan

DFG Contributes 200k DOT to enjin efinity crowdloan

DFG Investment Firm contributes 200,000 $DOT to Efinity Crowdloan. By staking 200,000 $DOT, DFG will support Efinity in the race of getting a para-chain slot in Polkadot’s crowdloan. The Polkadots Parachain Auction has been underway since November 11, and many projects are contributing their $DOT coins to acquire a para-chain slot. DFG wants to assist …

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Enjin Becomes Ludena Protocol’s Preferred Partner in Asian Blockchain Gaming Market.

Enjin's Partenrship with Ludena Protocol

Enjin announced their partnership with Ludena Protocol, a Korean-based social gaming platform that locally leads the play-to-earn (P2E) industry with over three million users. Enjin Starter will assist with the blockchain integration, monetization, and marketing strategies. Ludena Protocol selected Enjin because of its powerful ecosystem and will connect all of their P2E games, beginning in February 2022 with …

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Enjin’s $100 Million Fund Will Propel The Development of The Efinity Metaverse

Efinity 0Million Fund to develop the metaverse.

In Brief: Enjin announced a $100 Million fund to attract developers and build the Metaverse on Efinity. The fund supports a wide variety of use-cases that projects can apply and receive funds. The news comes weeks before Enjin bids for Polkadot’s Auction Slot 4 para-chain. This past week, the whole world learned about the Metaverse …

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Elysium Blockchain: Everything You Need To Know

Elysium. A blockchain for the Metaverse

Keytakes: Vulcan Forged announced the creation of the Elysium blockchain. Elysium will be EVM compatible and it’s dubbed as “the Blockchain for Metaverses.” VulcanVerse Land owners can become nodes and validators with an extensive range of rewards. Elysium could begin its journey with 2,500 transactions per second and low $Lava token fees. During the VulCon …

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Sci-Fi Card Game, Parallel Integrates Chainlink VRF To Verify Random & Transparent Distribution of NFTs

Parallel, a play-to-earn trading card game based on the Ethereum blockchain, has officially partnered up with Chainlink and incorporated its verifiable random function or VRF in the game to choose random players for their highly-anticipated airdrops. These airdrops, scheduled this October and January next year, feature precious packs that contain rare cards and NFTs that …

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Poloniex Lists EFI & Justin Sun Tweets About it. TRON<>Efinity Bridge Incoming?

EFI Tron Bridge

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced today the listing of the EFI token by Enjin with an EFI/USDT pair. Justin Sun announced that major news is coming about Efinity and Tron. Poloniex is hosting a Giveaway of 10,000 USDT to celebrate the listing. In a surprising tweet, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron Foundation, mentioned the listing …

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Vulcan Forged Launched Mobile App and Its Really Good

Following the momentous launch of their VulcanDex, a decentralized exchange for the blockchain gaming industry with cross chain support, the entire ecosystem of Vulcan Forged is thriving. The community is growing and getting stronger with each passing day thanks to the collective success of their official marketplace and games like VulcanVerse, Berserk, Forge Arena and …

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Google Sets Eyes on the Future with Dapper Lab Partnership

Google Dapper Labs Flow

Google Sets Eyes on the Future with Dapper Lab Partnership Ηousehold name and search engine authority Google announced that it has formed a formidable alliance with Dapper Labs. This startup company based in Canada, famously known as the developer of the $680 million NBA Top Shot marketplace, has agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership with …

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