Giveawat Warz Event

Giveaway Warz ended successfully. Thank you everyone for participating.

What is Giveaway Warz?

Giveaway Warz was a series of Giveaways to celebrate our first anniversary. Our friends were kind enough to provide thousands of prizes all claimed by the participants. 18 Different games joined and everyone won multiple incredible in-game assets!

What had to be done?

Every 2 days, at 00:00 UTC, a new giveaway was unlocked. Users had to complete simple social media tasks within a period of one month. Each game had one giveaway and the results were great!

For the record, some of the games that joined us in this event were Xaya, (Taurion, Soccer Manager Elite) Enjin, Sorare, The Six Dragons, 9Lives Arena, Blockchain Cuties, and many other games.

*Due to the re-design of, we decided not to migrate the original Giveaway Warz page since it contained outdated content.