The Sandbox Introduces The Shaun the Sheep® NFT collection

The Sandbox Introduces The Shaun the Sheep® NFT collection

The popular gaming pixelated metaverse, The Sandbox, will drop the Shaun the Sheep® NFT collection, “Shaun the Sheep Heroes”, on April 20th at 1 p.m. (UTC) There will be six different Sheep characters varying in rarity and scarcity. The sale will only support SAND tokens as payment, the native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox metaverse. The rarest …

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Aavegotchi to Launch Event With $1,7 Million Prize Pool

Aavegotchi to Launch Event

Aavegotchi is one of the first projects to combine decentralized finance with collectibles, and it’s backed by the popular DeFi protocol, Aave. The game is organizing an event with 1.4 Million GHST tokens from April 20 to June 15.  $GHST token is currently trading at $1.21, which makes the prize pool around $1,700,000. You can …

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BGD #126: NFT & Play To Earn News – April 5 – 11, 2021

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Over the past weeks, more gaming-related cryptocurrencies listed in major exchanges, while plenty of them also created liquidity pools for extra passive income, known as DeFi rewards. The NFT hype continues for both digital Art and Blockchain games, indicating that the play to earn mechanism is growing rapidly. This week, the most popular blockchain game is Alien …

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The Sandbox Attracts Strategic Gaming & Silicon Valley Partners to build Virtual Lands in its NFT Metaverse

The Sandbox Attracts Strategic Gaming & Silicon Valley Partners to build Virtual Lands in its NFT Metaverse

Bill Lee, Ken Howery, Sundeep Madra, Galaxy Interactive, Tyler Winklevoss, Gemini Frontier Fund, Nifty Gateway, Avenged Sevenfold, and others entered into strategic partnerships to acquire LAND and build experiences in The Sandbox’s NFT-based metaverse HONG KONG – April 8th, 2021 – The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the leading decentralized social metaverse platform, announced today that …

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Arkane Network Raises $1.8M to Reach New Heights

ArkaneArkane Network Raises .8M to Reach New Heights

In Brief: Arkane Network is an API, Wallet & Market provider for blockchain-based projects. The company raised €1.55M in a seed round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) Arkane will set up an independent branch in Berlin. I remember back in 2019 at CGC Ukraine, long before any blockchain-gaming success story, we analyzed the issues games have …

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Blankos to Release NFT Markertplace Next Month

Blankos to Release NFT Markertplace

Blankos to release NFT Marketplace next month in several phases and iterations. This highly anticipated function will take the game to the next level as users will be able to trade digital assets for the first time.  Blankos announced that the Alpha version of the game’s NFT Marketplace will be live in May 2021 for …

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Influence: Space Strategy MMO Overview

Influence MMO strategy game

In Brief: Influence is an upcoming MMO, space-themed strategy game. NFT, resources-rich asteroids will go on sale on April 17th, 2021. The game will utilize the Ethereum blockchain and scale with layer 2 solutions. A new kid on the block has arrived. Influence, a free-to-play space MMO that aims to take players into another world …

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Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

The chain-agnostic and open-source, decentralized gaming ecosystem, Xaya, will launch today its Ethereum-based token, Wrapped CHI. (WCHI) Autonomous Worlds Ltd, the company that initially developed Xaya, aims to bring interoperability to the platform and allow developers to build Game state processors (GSPs), mega-complex games within the Ethereum ecosystem. Xaya is also currently the only option …

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PYR Token Successfully Launches On Uniswap

PYR token launches on Uniswap

In Brief: PYR token is now trading on Uniswap. The token empowers the whole Vulcan Forged ecosystem. One of the lowest total supply tokens with only 50 million to ever exist. A few days ago, we introduced VulcanVerse, the flagship game of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, an incubator at its heart with a suite of …

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BGD: NFT & Play To Earn News – March 28 to April 4, 2021

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another weekly Blockchain Gaming Digest As always, we bring you every Sunday NFT & Play to Earn news.

The NFT hype continues to grow, and the trading volume of NFTs surpassed $1.5 Billion based on the Q1 report by DappRaddar. Yet, there are still people out there that believe that NFTs are a Ponzi scheme or haven’t heard the word NFT at all. This week released an informative video about what is an NFT. You can watch the video here, and of course, feel free to share it to inform everyone about this groundbreaking technology that is changing the world.

This week’s most-played blockchain game is Upland with more than 41,000 players, while Alien Worlds follows with more than 30,500. Galaxy Blocks sits in third place with almost 27,000.

Tweet of the Week

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Enjin Raises $18.9 Million to Develop Efinity – The Go-To Blockchain For NFTs

Enjin Raises .9 Million to Develop Efinity

Efinity, a new blockchain developed by Enjin, will support NFTs from all networks to eventually become an NFT Metaverse. Some of the key features of Efinity are Staking & DeFi elements. Based on Polkadot, Enjin will release a new token standard called “Paratoken,” and its native token called EFI.

To fund the Efinity blockchain, Enjin raised $18.9 million in a private sale of EFI tokens. 

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VulcanVerse: MMORPG With NFT Land Ownership.

Vulcanverse MMORPG NFT Crypto Game.

This week we explored a new virtual world, the VulcanVerse. A project powered by the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. VulcanVerse brings real gaming to the Virtual Worlds, something that we haven’t see so far.

Explore VulcanVerse.

Stake Crates For Fame In Synergy of Serra

Stake Crates For Fame In Synergy of Serra

TCG blockchain game Synergy of Serra now allows users to stake in-game crates to earn Alpha Fame. 

What is Alpha fame, and why would you want it? Find out in the link below.

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Ether Cards: NFT Cards With Superpowers

Ether Cards

Gamifying NFT-based platform Ether Cards will integrate the Chainlink VRF to ensure fair distribution on every NFT minted on the platform.

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The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta is Live 

The Sandbox Marketplace Beta

The first phase of The Sandbox Marketplace Beta is now live. At the time, the marketplace features a selection of 107 NFTs designed by 46 artists. This section of the game is still under development, and eventually, everyone will be able to mint NFTs and upload them on the blockchain.

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NFT pioneers Upland and Blockchain Heroes partner to launch joint NFT collectible card set

Upland Blockchain Heroes

Upland and Blockchain Heroes will launch a set of digital collectible cards titled: “Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes Edition” on the WAX blockchain.

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GAMEE Tokens Public Sale Sold Out

Animoca Brands hosted a sale of GAMEE tokens that sold out in nine minutes. GAMEE is an ERC20 token that will handle the GAMEE gaming platform, which already counts more than 20 million registered users. The platform aims to develop NFTs and use the GAMEE token to distribute prizes to gamers, fund tournaments, and give governance functions.

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Decentraland to Integrate Polygon

Community-managed Virtual World Decentraland announced Polygon integration to implement their full layer-2 solution for payments and transactions to overcome the Ethereum network transaction issues.

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Xaya Coming to Ethereum

The CHI will be available in the Ethereum ecosystem as Wrapped CHI. The decentralized gaming blockchain XAYA is developing the WCHI Token to circulate it on the Ethereum blockchain and make CHI available for trading and staking in DeFi markets like Uniswap.

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Blockchain Cuties Partnered up With Polygon

Blockchain Cuties announced a partnership with Polygon blockchain (previously called MATIC) to enable free and fast transactions for the Gameplay and the Governance Farming DeFi mechanics powered by the BCUG token.

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April Fool’s Packs by Collect.Social Platform Sold Out

Collect Social platform sold out 2,000 April fool’s packs in less than 2 hours. Owners won’t be able to open them for two weeks, and until then, no one knows what is inside. In the meantime, some owners are selling their packs on decentralized exchanges.

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Dapperlabs Announced a $305 Million Funding Round

Dapper Labs, the company behind some well-known blockchain games like crypto kitties and NBA Top Shot, announced a $305 million funding round. Michael Jordan, Will Smith, and other athletes and celebrities were behind this investment. Dapper Labs plans to expand its platform to more sports leagues.

OpenSea to integrate immutable Blockchain

Decentralized NFT exchange OpenSea announced integrating the Immutable X Layer 2 Protocol to overcome the Ethereum network issues. Users will be able to trade their assets without paying high amounts of Gas Fees, which will transform the user experience, especially for the newcomers.

Cometh Integrates SushiSwap

DeFi and NFT-based Space blockchain game now integrates the Sushi Swap protocol and plans to add Liquidity Bridges on Polygon soon. MUST token will be available on the Sushi Swap exchange for trading and Liquidity farming.

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