Upland virtual property blockchain game

Double Sign-up Bonus in Upland Virtual Property Game

Join virtual property game Upland now and get a double sign-up bonus Players can buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses.
CHAIN CLASH auction of celebrity avatars

Chain Clash Celebrities’ Avatars Auction – Play as John McAfee

Are you ready to play as JohnMcAfee? The upcoming free to play, fighting game Chain Clash hosts a celebrity auction with John McAfee, Brock Pierce, and other influencers in the blockchain world.
10 Money making games to play while in quarantine

Money Making Games to Play While in Quarantine

So you're stuck at home with your parents, and there is no way to go out? Don't worry, Covid-19 will last a few months, so why not checking out ten money making...
Weekly Blockchain Gaming News

Blockchain Gaming Digest 15 – 22 March

Welcome to another weekly digest about blockchain games. While COVID-19 has slow down the development of many games, remote work does the job and many games continue development, presales and much more.
Skyweaver season zero

SkyWeaver Season 0 is Now Live

After the end of the Preseason period, SkyWeaver kicks off Season 0. Later this year, Open Beta will also become available, so until then, Season 0 is the only way to play...
the sandbox raises money

The Sandbox Raised $2M Investment

The upcoming virtual world on Ethereum network "The Sandbox" raised $2.01 Million in Q3 2019 through Animoca's Brand subsidiary TSD Gaming Ltd. The investment went public two days ago due to concerns...
CGC Cutting-edge conference

#CGC5 – the fifth chapter of Cutting-edge Games Conference announced – June 18-19 in...

March 10, 2020 – Kyiv, Ukraine Cutting-edge Games Conference invites all fans of games and game industry professionals to plunge into a completely different world for two days, to...
eGamers corona virus

CoronaVirus: Calling Gamers to Help

Good day everyone, with the majority of the world being a step away from full lock-down, I took the time to write a few things regarding your protection and how we could...
Silica Nexus first arcade machine in FunFuzion

Silica Nexus Places The First Arcade Machine

Silica Nexus made a big step forward earlier this month and placed the first Kiosk. Customers can now exchange prize tickets for in-game items. The first arcade machine was...
Weekly Blockchain Gaming News

Blockchain Gaming Digest 9 – 15 March

Forgotten Artifacts Pre Alpha Review Action role-playing video game with Dungeon adventures, lovely pets and Enjin backed items to loot....