Top Blockchain Games List






Shroom Kingdom
Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play-to-earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Protocol Blockchain.
Axie Infinity
One of the most beloved blockchain games. Form a team of Axies and fight against other players. Complete the daily quests to earn SLP and AXS tokens.
Grasshopper Farm
Grasshopper Farm is a community-inspired and idle farming blockchain collecting game!
NFT Panda World of Fantasy is an RPG game on the WAX blockchain. Collect the most epic Panda Heroes and protect the lands of Elgard
Rafe.Fan is a fantasy sports platform where players can form a team in various sports such as football and cricket and lead the team to victory.
SGEM is a strategy TCG & Tower Defense blockchain game running on Ethereum. It supports offline mining and integrates a variety of interesting gameplay.
The Gardens Between
The Gardens Between is an awar winning multi-platform puzzle video game. Play through the Pavilion hub and own the game as NFT as well as the achievements.
Open Emoji Battler
Open Emoji Battler is an indie blockchain game led by the community. It's a browser auto-battler game that players face strategic PvP battles. and open-sourced.
Somnium Space
Somnium Space is a VR platform where users can build, import, and trade NFTs. The virtual world inside the game is shaped entirely by the players.
Cryptovoxels is a user-owned virtual world with land plot ownership, stores and art galleries. Built on Ethereum, CV offers the tools to build amazing stuff.
Hexarchia is 3D multiplayer game with various mods and NFT rewards. Play for free in this fantasy world inspired by chess and fight against warlods and emperors.
My DeFi Pet is virtual breeding and battle game with virtual pets that combines various decentralized finance elements along with the collectible aspect.
Uanon Observer
Project Uanon is a Notpron style puzzle solving game on Tezos blockchain with NFT support. Players have to solve the mystery of the world's first biological computer virus.
Hodl God
Hodl God is a battle royale mmo pvp game that utilizes the Wax blockchain to give players ownership over digital game characters and their powers.
R-Planet is a revolutionary NFT-staking system which allows you to benefit from your unused NFT’s, and have a lot of fun.
The Uplift
The Uplift is a massive multiplayer universe, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain.
Star Atlas
Star Atlas is a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.
Collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments in this blockchain-based NFT Action RPG built on the Mist NFT Framework.
Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of Guardians.
Farsite is a space MMORTS with a decentralized economy and DeFi elements. Build your own empire, form alliances and conquer the universe.
Berserk is a fantasy collectible card game with NFTs from the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Its a promising game worth to check out.
Forge Arena
Forge Arens is an autobattler game that utilizes NFTs from the VulcanVerse game and the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.
Rekt City
A telegram game where you try to become an underground lord and compete with other players by robbing buildings, banks, and other gangsters.
VulcanVerse is a 3km by 3km virtual world. Uses blockchain technology to enable users to truly own their land and assets. It has a Fantasy authors, complex building tools and MMO gaming functionalities.
Geocats is an upcoming game on Vulcan Forged platform with Memes and illustrations from popular cartoons.
Coddle Pets
Collect and train Vulcan Forged-based NFT Dragons. The game offers breeding mechanics in advance to other features. It's currently in active developement.
Block Babies
A collectible cards game with "babies" and NFT Items. Battle against other newborns, collect and trade from a variety of characters and in-game items while earning from your progress.
The Six Dragons
The Six Dragons is the first Open World RPG with a huge open-world map full of dungeons. Craft items, and participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy
Wavelings is set in an alternate reality where rapid technologic adoption has cured the ills of climate change, energy deficiency, food scarcity,
Cede is an inspiring mix between real-time strategy and action RPG, where your mandate is to transform a neglected world from unhealthy conformities and bring it back from the brink of devastation.
The Galaxy of Lemuria
The Galaxy of Lemuria is an exciting new innovative RPG experience. Explore the vast universe of Lemuria and discover lost worlds - full of adventure, quests and monsters to fight.
War of Ants
War of Ants is a real-time PVP strategy mobile game where you compete with players around the world. Collect crypto-backed units, rare artifacts and wage war against other ant colonies.
In Min-Mins, you are called on to assemble a corps and capture war crystals from enemy teams.With two playable modes.
Paint My World
Welcome to Paint My World! An epic puzzle 2D platformer game which is aimed at all ages! Each new world offers new challenges and traps, as we keep the game fresh and interesting throughout.
Collect, evolve, and cache digital creatures to become a Cryptonom master.
Embark on an interdimensional journey in Minecraft and beyond.MyMetaverse is a cross-platform project that interweaves multiple gaming worlds into a unified Multiverse experience.
Zeal is a 3rd person Action RPG focusing on customizable character builds and competitive PvP/PvE without grinding.
My Neighbor Alice
My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.
Chainz Arena
ChainZ Arena is a cross-blockchain/platform idle mining RPG game with unique gameplay. The game frequently organizes events with thousands of dollars in prizes.
Forest Knight
Forest Knight is a blockchain and multiverse enabled mobile turn-based strategy game. Players can build their Kingdoms and live by the sword in the fantasy world of Chronville.
Brave Frontier Heroes
Brave Frontier Heroes is a spin-off from the popular Brave Frontier Game with over 38M Downloads. Pixel-Art graphics and MCH gameplay.
War Of Crypta
War of Crypta is a fantasy mobile PVP game with multiple champions and creatures. Fight other players in real time in a well-designed environment with great graphics.
Prospectors is a browser-based game where you control 3 workers that earns you profit by working. Rent land, build buildings, and expand your empire.
Blockchain Cuties
Blockchain Cuties is a constantly evolving blockchain game. In fact, it's one of the oldest games with cute animals that you can breed, send to quests and adventures.
My Crypto Heroes
My Crypto Heroes is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG blockchain game featuring PVP and PVE battles. Players collect and train historical heroes and equip them with items.
War Riders
War Riders is a next-generation, post-apocalyptic MMO driving game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Tokens. You can customize your vehicles with weapons and steal your enemies on-the-go.
The SandBox
The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain.
9Lives Arena
9LA is the first blockchain cross-platform game with focus on 1vs1 PVP gameplay. The game utilizes a cosmetics marketplace rather than selling weapons to the players. Warning: Permadeath enabled.
Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained is the most popular blockchain-based TCG game. Gain experience by playing and in-game cards with nice graphics in a well designed gameplay. GU is free to play.
Blankos is a Multi-Format MMO party game with unique characters who got the moves! Become a DJ, host your own event and enjoy a true party game with endless fun. If you are a fan of music and dancing.
Splinterlands is a famous auto battle TCG Game on the blockchain. Based on Steem blockchain, it has a huge community and the fast-paced gameplay makes it ideal for casual and hardcore gamers.
Crypto Mibs
CryptoMibs is the digital reboot of marbles. The platform contains multiple mini-games to earn mibs and other rewards.
The world is a board and you are playing Monopoly. How many properties can you acquire? Visit all the world and earn UPX tokens
Alien Worlds
Alien Worlds is based on WAX based game with DeFi elements and NFTs. It's a clicker game where you have to complete various tasks and earn NFT-based rewards. PLAY
A game based on NFT staking in space. Staked your unused WAX NFTs to earn rewards. The whole game is centered around non-fungible tokens.
Crypto Heroes
Cryptoheroes is a classic clicker game with strategy and multiplayer elements. Play to earn resources and upgrade your buildings, build an army and join the battle for valuable prizes.
Containment Corps
Tower defense multiverse game powered by Enjin. Play with your friends and defend the tower against swamp creatures.
Crypto Space Commander
CSC is a sandbox space MMO with a robust Play-to-Own Economy. Mine, Own, Battle, Trade and Explore in this open-world space sim built like no other.
Hash Rush
Grow your colony with this Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) game. Hash Rush is one of the oldest blockchain games and it's under a big lifting.
Knight Story
Knight Story is a collectible RPG game on the Ethereum network.Battle with goblins, craft items and build a village. Own and trade the items powered by blockchain tech
Ether Legends
Ether Legends is a ground breaking collectible trading card game utilizing Blockchain technology for its fast, safe and reliable transactions while providing digital content ownership for all players!
Dark Country
TCG Game with America-Gothic style. The dark country is built on a multichain framework to provide an excellent gaming experience for the user.
Spirit Clash
In Spirit Clash players have a deck of 30 cards. The upcoming Enjin based TCG game takes a different approach than most card games.
Kingdom Karnage
Kingdom Karnage is an Enjin powered TCG game. Complete various levels, use your cards to overcome your enemies and battle with other players.
Light Nite
Light Nite is a Low Poly Battle Royale game with nice graphics and promising gameplay. It runs on the Bitcoin Lighting network.
Space Misfits
Space Misfits is a sci-fi MMO game. Fly fighting jets and fight against other players in this real-time, Enjin-based game.
Lost Relics
This is a hack n slash RPG powered by the Enjin platform. It's very connected with other games and projects with assets interoperability.
Enjin Craft
Enjincraft is an enjin-powered Minecraft server with blockchain-based assets in the form of ERC1155 tokens. While you can play, this is more like a blueprint server.
Alterverse Disruption
Alterverse Disruption is a multi-player, FPS, Deathmatch, team-based CTF, and Treasure looting Game. You can set up your own private servers and much more.
Synergy Of Serra
The synergy of Serra is a trading card game with infinite game experience possibilities of Deckbuilder. Can you become the leading commander of Serra?
Age Of Rust
Over $2 Million in Rewards. AOR is a 3D Puzzle-adventure game with great graphics and a very interesting gameplay. There is BTC & ENJ hidden around the map.
Crop Bytes
Crop Bytes is a farm simulation game where you can raise animals, grow crops, breed, and trade with other players. Earn TRX by playing the game.
Taurion is an online MMO game in a constantly evolving world.Players compete to gather resources in a limitless environment and have full control of their characters, buildings, resources, and items.
LiteBringer is the first true Litecoin game. Level up RPG characters, trade with other players and earn real money.
Beyond The Void
Beyond the Void is one of the oldest Blockchain Games available, it’s a free to play space-themed Real Time Strategy with MOBA elements featuring one-to-one battles.
Battle Racers
Mix and match different parts and weapons to create your perfect Battle Racer. Use your combat skills to beat other players to the finish line.
22 Racing Series
22 Racing Series is a driving game with RTS elements. At its core, it's an esports game available on the Steam platform.
MegaCryptopolis (MCP)
Megacryptopolis is a 3D blockchain simulator game similar to SimCity, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can construct buildings, participate in the city lifestyle, own pets and more.
Soccer Manager Elite
A complete soccer management game with club owners, football players, agents, and stadiums. Become a manager, a shareholder, or a coach, the decision is yours.
Crypto Idle Miner
Crypto Idle Miner is a mining simulation game in which you build your mining empire from scratch. Play this fun and idle game and get rewarded with HORA tokens.
Chain Clash
Chain Clash is a free-to-play collectible and battle game. You can collect and train a variety of avatar fighters and join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans.
Crypto Wars
Crypto Wars is a tournament based blockchain game. Form your strategy and take over the competition in a fun, idle browser based game.
The legend of the legends. CryptoKitties is the first blockchain game with NFTs that sparked a new generation of gaming. Go breed some Kitties, even for the lulz.
Ember Sword
Ember Sword is a free-to-play fantasy MMO taking place in an open world partly owned and maintained by the players. The game will have a complete suite of features like other MMORPG's.
MLB Champions
MLB Champions is officially licensed by the Baseball association. Collect figures and participate in gamified experiences.
Reality Clash
Reality Clash is an innovative augmented reality combat game with geo-location features and an NFT economy. Players can enter a virtual battlefield with their mobile phone by stepping into an AR portal.
Crypto Sword & Magic
Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the blockchain, and the game logic works on the Smart Contract.
F1 Delta Time
F1® Delta Time is officially licensed by Formula 1. The game centers around the collection and trading of unique Cars, Drivers, and Components – all of which exist as NFTs.
World of Mogwais
Mogwais are little creatures that live on a fork of Dash blockchain. Get them on adventures and quests with the first Mogwai game.
Ethermon is one of the oldest collectible blockchain games featuring "Mons", lovely creatures that fight for you in quests and battles.
Traps is a blockchain-based remake of agario. Create the biggest cell and take over the competition in a closed map.
NBA Top Shot
NBA Top Shot is an officially licensed collectible NBA game. Collect unique player highlights to use in other games or trade them in Marketplaces.
Worldopo is a fun game that gives the player the possibility to collect crystals, build up your own mining farm and take part in AR-events worldwide
Sorare is a card football game so popular that Ubisoft made a spin-off game based on it. Form a team of 5 licensed players & meet your inner football manager.
MoonCryptoPolis is a strategy online Blockchain game that takes place on the virtual copy of the real Moon. Establish your very own moon base and join the hunt for valuable resources to receive rewards in Ether.
The Abyss
The Abyss is a gaming platform with versatile social features and earning opportunities, designed to be your sole gateway to MMO games universe.
SkyWeaver is a free-to-play worldwide competitive trading card game that unifies the best aspects of online and physical card games. SkyWeaver is easy to start playing with enough depth for you to discover something new every day.
Sheild Of Shalwend
Sheild Of Shalwend is a 3D fighting game. Defend your area and embark into various adventures powered by the Enjin blockchain with NFT loot.
Collect, breed, and trade 3D Cubes each of which has its own traits and personality. Create the ideal environment through pre-made props or by designing your own!
An epic grand strategy game based on the NEO and TRON blockchains. Build your village, train your tropp and lead the way to glory.
Nole Legends
NoleLegends is a charity game that aims to be the game that bridges the gap between gamers and philanthropy with the help of the blockchain.
Infinite Fleet
Infinite Fleet is an epic sci-fi massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. Explore a vast procedurally generated, community-made galaxy.
EOS Knights
EOS Knights was the first mobile game on EOS. Collect materials to craft items. You can also adopt pets and trade in the marketplace.
Merge Cats
Merge cats is a free mining game with erc20 tokens integration The goal of the entire project is to enable the players to earn cryptocurrencies.
Tron Game Center
TRON Game Center is a collection of mobile games that use TRON and TRC Based tokens. Upcoming games are said to use Enjin's technology.
Neon District
Cyberpunk role-playing adventure and flagship game developed by Blockade Games. Battle to progress through a sci-fi dystopia and earn in-game NFT items.
Marble Cards
Create and trade unique digital cards based on URLs. Every web page can only be marbled once and by one person only. Each Marble is an NFT.
Helihunter AR
Pick up your rifle and get in the air! Your mission is to protect your partner from zombies by taking them out from your helicopter. Make sure to fly around the building and kill 'em all!
Dragon Heroes Tactics
Collect and upgrade your heroes. Defeat your enemies and win rewards. Create your own guilds to share items and create your own battle community. Dragon Heroes Tactics download and play for free.
Cheeze Wizards
Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese. In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.
Kogs is a collectible version of the popular physical pogs cards. Collect them and pit your NFTs against online opponents in this digitized version of a schoolyard classic from the early ‘90s — POGS, or milk caps.
Bitcoin Hodler
It's a casual jumping mobile game with Enjin integration. Play for fun and earn ERC1155 in-game assets while completing various levels.
Crypto Fights
CryptoFights is a PvP mobile game with crypto rewards and NFTs. Play for free and start beating people in real time.
Light Trail Rush
Play this fast-paced, arcade-style brawler game. Lead the way and let the others follow in the race. Sci-fi environment and incredibly fast vehicles.
Aftermath Islands
Aftermath Islands is an economic simulation game where players can create their own civilization and trade with other players. Fight and develop your society.
IQeon is a collection of mini-game that reward your with tokens while playing.
CryptoDozer is a coin pusher arcade game. By clicking on the screen, players strategically throw coins to the “machine” to earn Dolls and Coins.
Elemental Battles
Elementals Battles is an educational game on EOS. Single-player with cards set in a fantasy world where you harness the power of Wood, Fire, and Water to dominate your opponent. Play against a smart-contract based AI,
Crypto Spells
Cryptospells is a blockchain card game from Japan released in June 2019, The first card sale exceeded 900 ETH and it has a strong base with Japanese players.
King of The Apocalypse
KOTA (King of the Apocalypse) is about surviving during a zombie apocalypse. Become the most powerful, and self-sufficient to any type of attack and enemies.
Breed, race and create your own legacy in Horse Racing. Own & Trade NFT virtual horses on the Ethereum platform while earning through wagering.