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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Information

How is The Dapps Data Calculated?

Dapps analytics uses the smart contracts of each Dapp to calculate the daily active users (DAU) and the transactions of the users.

Are The Dapps Analytics Correct?

Most of the time, the data is correct. Through the use of Smart Contracts, every transaction is recorded on the blockchain so there is a clear view of what’s going on.

When is The Dapps Analytics False?

Actions that do not take place on the blockchain, can not be tracked. For example, in centralized games that have their economy on the blockchain, there is no way to accurately track the daily active users because some of them didn’t perform any action on the blockchain on that day.

Can Dapps Show False Data?

Absolutely! Over the years, developers have tried to show higher numbers using bots. Thankfully, our data partner uses sophisticated methods to spot manipulated data and ensure you get only the real numbers.


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