IOTA’s New Decentralized Social Media Project

IOTA social media

There is no question that social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate by eliminating the distance gap. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what language you speak, instant communication and lifestyle sharing is always one tap away. The crypto industry has risen through the use of social media and proved that the …

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The RHOAM MFT Sale Goes Live Tomorrow – Everything You Need to Know

rhoam mft

RHOAM was introduced to the multiverse gaming community earlier in August. Since then, we know that both RHOVIT (rewarding social platform) and RHOAM are connected uniquely. Socializing, reading, and creating content rewards you with Rbit tokens and in-Game assets for RHOAM. With a single button, you will be able to jump from the platform to …

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Nimses – Basic Income & Social Media

Nimses - Basic Income & Social Media

My first impression about Nimses was excitement, 1 million downloads) and 1 Coin per minute for the rest of your life. Nimses is a GPS Based Ukrainian cryptocurrency project for worldwide basic income with modern design. You only have to register using your mobile phone number, and after that, you are exploring a regular social media application based on …

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